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You have your world, I have my corner

Tuesday on July 28th, 2020Other

Some people always say boring, including myself, not because there is something to do, but because do nothing, sometimes boring is forced inside due! Recently I have lamented the time, I did not feel, do not have time, I have feelings, but always can not find, but also the mood there that point in time, and frankly can play good!

Who I really was a very easy to quarrel with others, in fact, I do not think so, I think the more time I'm just expressing his own opinions, but sometimes your ideas not finished, others will already angry , and then you say ah just love a fight, you refute it, prove that you really like a fight, you do not refute it, does not help, anyway, you are a man finds love quarrel, in fact, want others to accept your point of view is difficult Similarly you accept the views of others is difficult, opposition and contradiction, you are a Cock wire, who would convince you? If you are successful people, elite students, wealthy people, stars and so on it, even if you fart, it was also love to hear, even if you say something and then pull nonsense six, it was also agreed that they value not your phrase if they are right or wrong or even your words, and your body is convincing aura!

Speak neutral, or that no two diamond can not my style, I was kind of really need to say, people have to put their views, you can not accept, does not matter! I do not understand the previous generation gap, now more and more feel the generation gap is a very painful thing, in fact, the age difference is also a generation gap, not to mention the poor more, if you feel the generation gap is really a word all too many because how to explain, we are unable to continue to communicate it, and now you see a lot of people doing things that you later have been doing in your age in the year, while you were doing things early have become obsolete, nobody cares a really kind of feeling people have changed, broken carriage era of widening the faster, more and more feel, though our generation have come into contact with a field, but never had the real masters of those younger people, this is their time, so I might be considered immigrants now in the era does not belong to you, you still less vocal now, to be passing and spectators, let them go naughty chant!

Like, when love can be very romantic, but the marriage becomes a reality, your reality and love of the people speak, he certainly does not like listening to the same people you speak of romance and marriage, he is not willing to listen, so when misplaced objects, no matter how you say, you are considered sucker!

I think Chen Ou said that the "Chinese people more of a survival, rather than in life, there are a lot of Chinese people, but everyone's heart only you!." Not because he is a celebrity, but the remark really good, to the point, and can survive in this country has been very easy, think about it, this is a how cruel things, we are taught from an early age with competition, rankings, and other learning better idea, in fact, in order to survive, it is forced out, the word is very luxurious life. In each run, you have the nerve to go? When everyone around you are smiling ran, the pain you say I'm so tired ah, we will hire around despise, in fact, we should have walked, but it should not become a become wrong.

And others argue that this sentence, that is, someone says, "I was going to work hard to enrich themselves, earn a lot of money and enjoy life.". I think this sentence is full of mistakes, shit unreasonable, first worked as hard as you can enrich yourself? What do you think of fulfilling that? Stuffed of time? Also worked as hard as you can earn a lot of money? Such people may believe the story of the Foolish Old Man now! Even if you earn a lot of money, you can enjoy life? Your idea of ??a good life is 80 years old and so when you make enough a lot of money, take money every day to laugh, then tell me what are you enjoying life? You know that money is the prerequisite for enjoying life.

The result is being said that I was a shit unreasonable and naive people. I can only say that experience is to determine a person's angle and depth at the moment does not mean you shallow your future, you are still very small, you will understand it! Or that case, perhaps the moment he is romantic, you say that reality with others, and more will not chat ah! Do not old people at the time of high tide poured a pot of cold water, Gou Ji will jump off the wall!

Finally, say a digression, I do not like will not see "To the youth", because I think every guy looking to play the movie are not emboldened, and if a first-time director who Doukua God, I that does not meet the common sense, that if someone looked Moreover caused no perception of youth, then, prove that you did not experience youth, and here I do not want to curse, what you Ah cool to be where to go. There is, I looked at his mother, also brought back the youth, I just do not like those things to write poetry that worry, the youth is not so good!

You have your world, I have my corner. Closes a door, which means you open another door, looking for the keys before opening another door, otherwise they will be imprisoned!

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