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Arc de Triomphe notes

Thursday on March 26th, 2020Other


I have not opened a book a month, just read a few short stories and a few old text, see more information in the current production, the re-make me feel the power of words.

Recently published a book, is Remarque's "black obelisk" has been living my free book, when the Internet search, did not find this, he'd find another novel, "Arc de Triomphe . " A few years ago, I read Remarque's "Western Front", the contents have been almost forgotten, just remember the hero of his comrades around him die one by one, and finally turn to himself. It reminds me of the early years of Mr Bean comedy last season, "Blackadder", and on the battlefield, the soldiers had no choice except to die.

The day before yesterday or yesterday, I opened the "Arc de Triomphe", the novel really is my true love, so that I can sink the heart to read. In the middle of the night wandering the streets of Paris Larvik, encountered a strange behavior of the woman - Joan, though not very willing mind, or take the initiative to help her escape as a refugee from the Nazis, pull Vick had no passport, can only live in the dark, relying on surgery for other doctors for a living, but his heart never Benjamin because the situation changed. Larvik and Joan are lonely people, they drink, smoke, drink, spend the night.

"Arc de Triomphe" has repeatedly been adapted into a movie, a movie less than two hours will be able to read, but I prefer to spend time slowly open book several times, and now has seen a quarter. When reading, if we did not point mark, always felt that the impression is not deep, but to carry out a separate label, and inevitably out of context.


It too loud? What is too loud? Only the kind of silence. Seems to be the kind of burst-like silence in the human vacuum.

Silence also intolerable than the hustle and bustle, in the face of the dead, slowly long night in a person.

Every moment, there are always thousands of people died. It is statistics. It does not matter. However, for a specific person, death is at stake, more important than the journey through the universe.

Even in the face of death is too many, when faced with a patient irreparable, Keflavk still feel sad.

How the mind kind of adventure? Bleak adventure to survive smothered.

Larvik his wife heard the bad news, that night he was brothels Xiesu. Those prostitutes rescued him; and a priest can not help him relieve pain.

Face the pain, the release of the body's instinct than listening to preaching is a good medicine.

There is nothing people can only nostalgia when he is free.

(Staying in a hotel) this way of life, not only comfortable but comfortable. You are a lonely man, but not alone.

Larvik want revenge for his wife, wandering in the turbulent life of exile, he did not want to have any fetters.

A person can withstand the insult of others, but can not resist the people's mercy.

The French generally do not invite friends to his home for dinner, they would rather treat in a restaurant, when weibull invite Larvik, he knew he was a pity.

Regret is the world's most useless thing. You can not save any of the past. Any memories you can not correct. Otherwise, we would have become a saint. Life does not make us live perfect. Who live perfect, it's time to go into the museum.

Power was originally one of the most contagious diseases which.

It is said that there is no person in authority is not evil.

All things can be solved with money, always cheap.

Provided that they have the money ah. If the summer colonel times the money, he do not want to return to their own identity?

This is not only the violin, he might be a sale of livestock businessman - with only a violin, he is a prairie ah, long night ah, ah horizon, and will never become a reality messenger of all things.

Life is too great about it, before we stop breathing, will never last.

What if there was not, you do not push yourself crazy.

You can help other people when then do our best to help - but when you can no longer help, just forget it!

Larvik has not really on the battlefield, looked at his little hair was killed, if you can not get out from the shock of death, the next bomb may be due to a half-second hesitation and killed.

Where a person to forget things, and later will always be remembered, sir.

"A person who does not forget things, but it would seem a pain." Replied the waiter who Keflavik optimist.

You might turn into an angel long, become a fool, or a criminal - who can not see. But the fall of a button - personal touches people will see.

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