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Complaints about the cause of youth

Wednesday on September 23rd, 2020Other

The movie is good, this is mainly for some of the roles of Tucao! I Said I would not watch this movie, I did not expect to read it three times ...... I eat them!

I think this movie, everyone came tragedy, came self-inflicted, and this movie is very predestination feeling. Is the pain must have been, must be dumped too, must go had abortions only with youth call it? Movie filled with a lot of foreshadowing, before and after quite echo, have paved the way movies tend to give the movie a lot of extra points!

Before I think girls should all kind of modesty, however, see Zheng Wei this stock, I do not think so! This is a living thing Swallow, Zhao Wei possessed! I think her life have to have a man for the job, or she can not control their emotions! Moreover vision, I think good is the last word. Xiao Chen is his attitude, the change is very abrupt, it seems that if a girl pointing your nose curse you, perhaps love your show Oh! Xiao Chen is scolded her neuropathy phrase really vent, huh! Zheng Wei said that in the end we have to become the kind of person we once hated, in fact, she says, remember that in the study room Xiao Chen said she did not seriously question the calculation, a few years later she was as white-collar workers, is not the same with such standards asked his subordinates do? She is not crazy love, love's madness!

Open this role is really like, after all, nothing more than taking very funny, and has been to Wando flowers Nguyen who actually love him ah ~ This is too deep, right! To be honest I totally did not expect flowers who he actually is, it seems that every day hiding in the dorm to see A piece, playing poker who know how to truly love someone quietly ~ Finally, Nguyen said Wan grave those remarks, was quite sensational! However, inevitably people will never vulgar, never a good face, and finally became Xiao Chen is the messenger, that year on an equal footing in the dormitory, even despised, now is your reward people eat, this gap is not everyone can accept Understand!

Nguyen Wan ah, I really do not know how good she said that she felt that sucker is praise for her, Ah owe this man, who long look good, but definitely belong to no brain kind of person, to accompany people from abortion to herself, to have an abortion, ironic ah! I think back to pick up the pieces after her boyfriend to help themselves, at the train station simply said: "Never again" still quite minded. But she will always belong to crying in the back, in front of people pretending to be calm kind of person, even if their boyfriend out big belly people should calm, otherwise I'm sorry sister gesture. In the test when she saw the wedding, I guess she would die, because this expression and the state is not normal, a look that is dead is the fate vegetative state, as well as saying that the last time I saw him, this reminds me of Guo Degang a piece, that is the traffic jam to buy instant noodles killed by a car. The original traffic jam really will be dead, but I would say Nguyen sister can get an early start it, but the author wants you to die, it appears to be a facebook! Perhaps only Nguyen Wan youth is immortal, and love for a person to death, true love? !

Xiao Chen is the role I see straight breath, first stuck loaded deep, put on today, it is this very loaded to force people, in fact, he was quite snobbish, beginning an affair with him and had Yu, it is because Zeng Yu is vice president's daughter, he has always believed in the set of their own philosophy of life, plainly, is selfish, because of poverty so low self-esteem, so we'll do anything to achieve success, their own afford to lose. So what is love, what friendship is shit in his eyes. Yu was later to go abroad to places give Xiao Chen is, I think this is in retaliation Wei Zheng, Xiao Chen is because she knows the weaknesses, but also know Xiao Chen will choose a better future, not love, it was Yu-high ah! Me the most is vomiting blood, no matter whether you go a relentless, until after his own successful career, also came back to regain the love, how can you put everyone else when it mentally? Also married in the United States, but also in order to achieve the same goal to choice. But this should be a sentence Zheng Wei: "We have finally become what we once hated man", before he sat in the garden should be cushioned books do, in the quarters before a note affixed ban smoking later he's also not just a ride, but also smoking a cigarette - life is really ironic, he really became his most hated man, Xiao Chen is said:. "my life is an extremely precise structures, there is not one centimeter error." Unfortunately, his life can never avoid that centimeter!

Geng Ye fact, in this movie which played a soy sauce, Lin Jing also very silent, and you put people to sleep Shi Jie two years, and then suddenly they say, I find the people I love, and if you do not love people, this What count? Why do men have to after a successful career, dare to come back to see their favorite people, do not become final if Lin Jing, deputy Procuratorate long, he estimated that it will not come back to find Zheng Wei, perhaps to prove that I was the gold, did you I not make mistakes. So, after have to wait, like you'll be back when he felt he regressed, he would appear, Lin Jing and Xiao Chen is true. Just a few years later, you take a few kids in the supermarket, I suddenly saw people like you were special, he has rich and powerful, and has not married to you, how do you think? People like counter-attack, like the kind of pleasure, even if it is harm to others.

Why Xukai Yang Yu had finally married, the two of them there is no intersection in college, first I do not understand, then I think perhaps this way, they are a second-generation officer, is a second-generation rich, married, love each other people do not like them, perhaps feeling sympathetic, another jump in the lake that scene, Xukai Yang Wei Zheng said:. "I like you, this alone I was stronger than him," Xiao Chen is hurt a woman, Xukai Yang married her, love her well for her, is it not prove that he know how to love a person than Xiao Chen is, he is stronger than Nobutaka it!

There ZHU Xiao North, renamed after the child became a memory expert, but pretend amnesia in front Xukai Yang, this heart is to be more cold, ironic ah! Li Weiyang is like Xukai Yang, but dare not say, and open, I feel like this is not only because of the promise of money, but Li Weiyang full one mammonist, perhaps with his inner deep sense of inferiority about it.

In general, movies and novels compared to a lot of change, a lot of humor early, there are a lot of tears late point, the characters are very bright, very sophisticated scenes, there are a lot of human thinking, inadequate, and more many places are worthy of recognition. This time the recall referendum is youth, youth that there is something really lethal box office, whether you are 18 or 38!

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