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The rich have distant relatives in the mountains, the poor no knowledge in the downtown

Sunday on June 21st, 2020Other

most of the time,

When you're rich,

Friends know you,

When you point back,

You know a friend,

Lime million ounces,

Not as good as a glowing pearl!

Very early this sentiment,

Today, the city from which a domain name

"Fish silent" post "to his contacts":

How original post follows:

Since when rice farmers since, on the right "contacts" infinitely fascinating but wish for,

They know their solitary nature, no matter how hard not repay these short board,

Because we see all sorts of "contacts" good hands and lightning, when news of the transaction price,

I can not help but Baigan anxious ......

But since accidentally handled the "", we will have a new understanding:

The original "contacts" rather than "meter pulse", many have never had dealings with big brother,

It will be directed at a good rice to take the initiative to contact me,

Really "rich have distant relatives in the mountains, in the downtown poor no knowledge" ah!

"Contacts", after all, rely on "pulse meters" to support it!

Wen Xiaoli sister is so close by "contacts" high 160,000 transactions "food paradise"

Two years later turned out, the auction price is said to be 3000 block,

Suddenly on the "contacts" problem completely relieved - to his "contacts" it,

Such suspicions of people "contacts", not worth mentioning!

Summed up the rice farmers under the so-called "contacts", is nothing more than the following categories:

"Contacts" between the chiefs, as have some of the strength of separatist warlord,

Mouth friendships, all have their own interests,

Even with each other disk access, it will be all sorts of trade-offs and is a very seasoned figured in,

A kind of a big brother Amoy 100,000 meters today, the next day was the big brother B received one million things,

What might happen?

A small-scale farmers who only see the chiefs in recognition of B heavyweights, there is this layer of "contacts" on the night Kuangzhuan million.

Think again refused to take fine: B SB Gangster is it? He did not know the number yet?

You may encounter such silly money big brother-level "contacts" do?

Mostly apocryphal partnership Xiaopen faithful to God drama, right?

The second "contacts", is the relationship between brother and brother,

Basically unilateral interests of the transport,

If you are a brother party, of course, "contacts" great value,

So there are so many other people quit,

Only day in the forum offerings, race chivalrous ...... just to operate out of a "contacts" Come!

But if you are a younger side, which can also be called your "contacts" do?

Taobao shop owner called you the "pro", you really "relatives" all over China?

The third is the various mass spontaneous "contacts"

Are nothing more than a chance to play a kind of meter, agree short-term interests,

Even more ridiculous, it is unfortunately lost in a pit with the same into a sleeve ......

Such "contacts", you want to sell, he also anxious than you sell, you want to buy him more impatient than you buy,

In addition to comfort each other, and of good courage, but what is the value?

Think over these "contacts", I no longer entangled in a network of people he did not.

I will not bother to pay any guy, knot what league you, do not believe the ~

Concentrate on doing their own thing, find their next home, bought their own meters,

More money, rice hard, let them Shii to North Korea, seeking to make me! ! !

Go to his grandmother's "contacts"!

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