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Tuesday on July 7th, 2020Other

Borrowing the old school owners "non-science-School" section of note, the following is quoted.

It was always said, you read the book so many niche music so much niche, playing so many niche hobby, not that you loaded to force it. I do not think so, because you do not know me these things I have much effect, it does not know under what circumstances these things in ways into money, while, in fact, you also do not know me, I do not want to speak to you as a sucker, I cnmlgb of. --2017.8.13

Although the public sometimes webmaster notes, but also privacy. Owners of old-school I was most impressed about is the period before the introduction, touched my heart, because he is for some special experience. Sometimes I have this deep feeling that we write a blog can sometimes be less Tucao, or deep inside a kind of interest rate Loneliness! We do not pray to be understood by a lot of people, sometimes you can not understand the nearest person to you, support you, to be able to support us on that some of the more imaginary things: for example, responsibility and faith.

Late last night saw the headlines today, Tencent "Yao Xiaoguang," something on the Internet and leave early diaries reflect the loneliness and and "mushroom thinking."

Mushrooms thinking about this, I think I posted here can encourage each other:

Like "mushroom" Think

There is a mental patient, every day doing nothing, it is the name of an umbrella crouched in a corner, others to Jiazou he did not resist, every day there alone, all doctors feel that the patient can not be saved. One day, a psychologist holding a umbrella exactly the same squatted beside him, said nothing. A week later he finally could not help but to scrape together scrape together the experts, said one sentence: "Do you also mushrooms?"

In developing the game, we will encounter a lot of "crazy" players can not understand things very much. If you do not know the reason behind their strange behavior, he would sneak into.

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