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Song: I'll think of you

Friday on July 3rd, 2020Other

Initially know this song is seen Chen Winnie guitar video, so people are holding the guitar like girls, the sound is very special, very clean, and after that Song Yang McNair is now pain guitarist, he has some live video (address), another song guitar many online!

I will think of you - Song Jie

Mountain Lake next to you by my side

The summer is not the same as before

After cycling in the field you sing softly

He opened his eyes only photo

Stroll the streets in front

After passers-by and we were the same

Really never be with you

But I will smile and think of you from afar

I really can only sing to you

Because the world still can not tell when they grow up

Little heart place

There are many, many you

Tomorrow's phone still I miss you

I really just want to sing to you

No sweet words

Only the road traveled together

Two people will be like in a different place

Tomorrow's phone still I miss you

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