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Music: I love you from the heart of the monologue

Friday on July 3rd, 2020Other

It is regarded as a special edition album, Chen Sheng familiar music, mixed with large chunks of white port, and hear what he says, he does not speak only himself, and us.

The topic of men, too many have speech about them. About women, the same case. But the album that says "About man and woman ...", Chen Sheng want to say that I am with you, men and women, he wanted to say it, it is clearly in a thorough, clear hazy, equally beautiful.

Chose to quietly listen to it.

This really is the culmination of a liter Columbia album, it is one of my favorite albums! Like you could go on singing softly in, like you minstrel-like humor to tell, about the man, I hear a sad!

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