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Movies: 12 years of slavery

Friday on July 3rd, 2020Other

A little concerned about this year's Oscars, the "gravity" is the biggest winner, I saw this movie, but I personally feel the general! However, there is a film, which attracts my eye, is "12 Years a Slave (load)", won the best film award, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay award three awards, performance is good.

In fact, the movie with "The Shawshank Redemption" have so little quite similar, but the story of the time, place, contradictory sides just not the same, but still very moving, and very sympathetic to the year of the black experience, is a reflection of American slavery movies also many, such as a prior movie called "Django Unchained", they are in fact in some ways the year to reflect the dark, inhuman, hypocritical, ugly Southern slave owners!

Recently watched a lot of movies, but really very few touches to my movie, this "12 Years a Slave" is based on the novel of the same name adapted from Solomon Northup, he is talking about his own the story, the film finally had to say after his return to the north, is also committed to the abolitionist movement, conduct presentations, and other assistance to the poor. In fact, in those days, Solomon Northup is one of the few freed slaves, he may be considered a lucky now! See the back of the film, he suddenly discovered that Brad Pitt plays Bass, he is also one of the film's producer.

I read also ask ourselves, what we often talks about freedom what is it? I would say though we lost a little bit of freedom, but we are still happy people today, a man blind anger, resentment and aspirations, not know how grateful and satisfied, will only make yourself more pain.

This movie is a must of 5 stars.

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