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Pre-magnifying plate plus level indicator

Friday on December 25th, 2020Other

In fact, I have always wanted to install a level lamp or a spectrum, and the rhythm. I will follow the music rhythm and can play the role of modification. I have a total of three level indicators and a breathing light (this thing is too I am bored, I don't have a table), two need to be empty, one is entered through the microphone, but the display is not very accurate, it feels a bit of chicken ribs to give up, and the other two are still satisfactory.

There is also an forgotten to take pictures, put them directly in the box of the original pre-magnifier, pick up the audio input, as shown in the figure below, also added a switch to close this two level lamp, level lamp dynamics The effect is great, and there are 8 effects on the light bar above.

The cheapest price is used to achieve the effect of the level indication, but this box is a bit ugly, and there is a space to customize an acrylic shell, it will be better, and the at the level can only be said, there are a lot of online. Ok, , let's go when you are bored!

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