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Spring reading poetry

Monday on March 23rd, 2020Other

Spring is short, these days increasingly elevated temperatures, unwittingly it seems almost all the summer's footsteps.

Should be from 2015 onwards, every spring I was looking forward to "spring poetry readings" on the section line Phoenix cultural channel, and this year should be the fourth set, spring is almost gone, the spring can also read poetry has yet to come. Spring reading each season would choose a dozen poets and their works, read by the author himself or others to read. Such a design, it will cause the original intention of the poem with their emotions show created for the audience.

For example, in the second quarter of Zhen's "wrong", Liang Xiaobin "China, I lost the key" and Mosey Poems "winter will eventually go away," gave me left a deep impression. Although the third quarter to take the international norm, slightly exaggerated, the election of some foreign works, but still have good content, such as Yu Guangzhong's "Spring, Recalling." Spring this column read poetry changed my impression of the poetry, because the author or read aloud to others, with the sound carrier and emotion and into them, the more vivid poetry.

Spring, this is a sunny, breezy season, in respect of flowers everywhere, people singing and laughing. With a short spring against the background of soulful poetry, the temperature will be more.

Speaking of Phoenix, then this extension point. In my personal opinion, and now the Phoenix has been sour, and mainly had to watch the news on Phoenix, the Phoenix news high status in my mind, the report is very timely and very comprehensive, informal in a grid, Phoenix commentary views are very insightful. But now the Phoenix seems to have become information aggregation site, the Phoenix news is no longer unique, most of them are reproduced, few of his own editing.

At this point, we also look forward to spring culture can read poetry in the fourth quarter of Phoenix on-line as soon as possible.

No. 5 April to complete the exam, returned home today. Had yet sprouted trees now are Cuiye Thriving peach opened, leaving only the green leaves and several flower stray. Nameless flowers ridge edge comes in bloom flourish, they readily took a few pictures, though not recognize the nickname, but does not affect the United States and it belongs to the spring.

(Flowering maple)

(Nameless flowers)

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