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A spiritual heart

Sunday on September 27th, 2020Other

Wuzhen promo (Rene Liu)

Leave the chaos of the city stop back here

Quiet isolation can make sad

What time really has not changed

Let go away worries

Light and shadow in the bridges people are full of life and full of smiles

Time has not changed a lot of things changed here

That smile like a light, like a flower child and my woman dancing Santa Claus

Students, do not tell me you're going to travel via the ---- hui Zheng watercress

Many people seek UN demands to sense when traveling, but as Mr. Zhou Guoping said:. "All of significance resides in the process are, however, quick success of modern civilization is civilized, just the result, the process of contempt." ( "Watch the distance ") we ask ourselves, because you travel, get what? What really won?

I think very few people can really answer that question, everyone is caught in a vicious circle, usually busy saving money, saving enough money to travel, then the sound of noisy, spent all the time in the crowd and money, returned to his immense contempt jobs continue to save money in order to start the next "travel" ....

No, this is not a trip. We traveled to a city, but only a few shots back, no heart to feel the atmosphere of that city we had brought, hard to listen to the voice of the city ... although China's urban per basic seat the same, but their own unique spirit and precipitation each city included is different. "Late gap year" where it reads: ".. A person is not terrible, fear is lost can be habit alone, the habit can not be empty, may go home empty-handed, but not with empty soul." Now I can understand seemingly this is the meaning of the emptiness, when you're carrying a heavy backpack ready to go out, maybe your heart is still empty. The moment you step out of pace, you only fill half of the heart, while the other half requires you to fill that emotional release of all hearts, with a heart that you really want to do things, and then try to do .

I particularly admire one monk said to me: Money determines the length of travel, travel horizons determine the width, depth of soul decided to travel.

"The best time on the road" wrote: life is a field of practice, it is a short trip, a long life. Travel, make you come across that better myself. I think, deep, real travel.

I have not been able to understand a phenomenon, there is a large outside seating mountain, green is good, the scenery is also good, top of the mountain, overlooking the sea, overlooking the large, but the scenery is really good, but around those clamoring to go around the world children, not even one hundred meters across have not been to the place!

ridiculous? Poor!

There are people looking for an excuse to say no time travel money. In fact, the phrase is old-fashioned words: real trip, maybe a road with a heart, do not care about the destination, there is no companion does not have to care about, do not care about there is no camera, and perhaps do not have to care about have enough money, As long as your heart, as long as you do it, you dare, you can definitely taste the world's best scenery, the most experienced yourself hard-ming heart.

Students, do not aim too high, stop waiting for the holidays, do not tell me you're going to trip. I really do not understand even their own side of the United States have found that people can not, through travel, what can harvest?

Students, why do you put up with travel from the opposition? Why put up with the opposition time travel? Why should money travel with the opposition?

Students, do not tell me you're going to travel, you do not have to find a sea spring. Farm horses do not have to find firewood. In normal times, if you eat a corn pork ravioli very happy, able to enjoy the taste of it, that is your ravioli another world. On weekends, if you and your friends can relax and feel a different kind of life, then you probably have to travel around the universe, not necessarily to what the.

Travel has never been a dream, you only emptiness as disembodied spirits, will hold it advertised.

Students, do not tell me you're going to travel, and how big a heart, he can go far, if you get out of your heart, got on a plane and can fly far?

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