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Lawrence of Wei Wu, yesterday is king

Wednesday on September 23rd, 2020Other

December 27, 2009, China's most influential archaeological archaeologists had discovered the year - Cao Gao Ling.

Cao Cao is also regarded as an influential figure three, died in 220 AD. Eastern Han Dynasty, he had unified the north, the implementation of the Tun Tianzhi, in a way, the consolidation of China's territory.

When the tomb is indeed confirmed as Cao Cao tomb, archeology stoppage down. Because Chinese law contains a provision so: Large imperial tombs shall take the initiative to explore. This is why the tomb of Qin Shi Huang reasons for the delay in moving, and the same was also Qianling, Chang Ling ......

However, June 12, 2010, archaeological work to recover. The excavation of the television were broadcast live, coastal bases and disturbing world depression.

After Cao Cao in the rest of 1790, we in turn disturb. Behind this really be something to promote. Is the historical value, it is true that there is; or commercial value, which may have; or there is another?

Pirates are all private gravedigger, you can see there is something called archeology? Archaeological dig people had to be the tomb of it? It's really disrespectful to those who go! I would like to Cao Cao then issued the "final order", that is, want to rest forever the old generations can no longer worldly troubles scores by it. Two years later Zhangci, this dream finally able to achieve? Who would have thought after the Spring and Autumn 1790, his descendants and awakened him.

I have to say this is a sad, Cao Cao himself, but also his descendants. In this regard, I was more appreciation of Genghis Khan! After the fall of the Western Xia Genghis Khan, died in the spiritual state. Genghis Khan's most loyal generals follow the "secret is not a funeral," Testament, will close after Genghis Khan was buried, with a thousand horses overcome the cemetery, and planted trees in the tomb has become. 800 soldiers will participate in the funeral after 2000 artisans kill all commit suicide, "day" secret word from unknown.

Learned to see past and present, what respect? Do not forget loyalty, heart Tan!

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