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Some think about trust

Tuesday on January 19th, 2021Other

In the world, there are people with people, and all the tacit people have trust as the foundation. But between the two strangers who have just recognized and acquired each other, it is not an easy thing, because the establishment of trust is a process, and this process is relatively long.

Building trust requires a process, I think this is no controversial, but the length of this process is from people. If someone has a hear and impression, it will quickly eliminate concerns, accept each other, give trust. If someone is in front of contact, there is already ear to hear and impressed, so it will report alert heart for a long time after the intersection, it is difficult to completely eliminate concerns. The above two situations are logically talking, and the statement is not properly, and there are many people and things in life. However, these two situations have the main subjective consciousness of the main one. For example, one person is somewhere, everyone has a reliable, this is the conclusion that everyone does it in his own position, Mon may be confident, perhaps here. It is not worth trustworthy. Another example is, one person is one, and everyone is responsible, but frank and reliable. This two cases are also ancient, perhaps a lot. This is because everyone is different from their own review standards, or everyone is not the same as their position and the environment, or everyone is not the same as their pursuit. Various reasons will give different conclusions.

Telling each other, I have to discuss my own. For the same person, if you are a happy person, you will find a solution to your solution and look for a solution, then the two people will get together, and trust will soon build. If you are a dull person, it is not happy. If you don't talk about it, you don't talk about it. If you don't look for a solution, you only blame others, then the two will be more contradictory, it is difficult to trust each other.

Some people have done, and they are reluctant to give each other trust. This is an insurance approach. This person pursues steady, and it is very suspicious, and the process is relatively long. Will trust each other. Such conditions are all in the world, not a few. And some people gave trust, they gave trust. This way is honest. At the same time, the risk is also very big, will be used for many people, or have lost, and once encountered people are one Great harvest, eliminating the process of unnecessary testing.

Humanity is not tested because human nature can't afford it. People are in place, do not easily test the other party, once the psychology of the test is, it has lost their trust, so there is no need to test. Thus, the other party of the test, actually testing yourself, no matter what you are still, you will not stand the test because humanity is not tested.

Trust is like a neat white paper, once wrinkled, is a permanent and irreversible mark. If you make some forgiveness, the heart will also guarded three points. The way to destroy trust is nothing more than destroying integrity, that is, lying. Therefore, trust, lie and forgive these three, constitute a smart system that continues to maintain a relationship, and both parties are responsible for this. I have seen a paragraph, and the big idea is that this behavior is sometimes just a provincial thing, and the most easily acceptable saying that is the most easily accepted by the other party quickly reaches the expected effect. However, this also includes pre-judgment of the level of understanding of the other party's understanding and information, and its risk is that if self-proportion is underestimated, it will receive a revenue of the event itself. Therefore, lying this behavior is not advisable, the best way is to frank the truth and find a solution.

The information is not the same, and there is a real foundation for the situation, so there is a real foundation. Once someone has a thought, I will become a pleasure, and there is no concern.

There is trust in the world, and there is a fake trust, there is a time trust, and there is a permanent trust. To pursue real trust, the primary task is to eliminate information asymmetry, and to achieve this, it is necessary to pay sincerely, truthfully replaced. Perhaps you really don't have to change your heart, but if you feel the feelings, you can't change your sincerity. So I have to get trust, or I have to take my first step to change my sincerity.

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