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On the history

Thursday on January 21st, 2021Other

Life's road, there is no absolute correct, no absolute mistake. Some, just relative everything.

Chairman Mao played the world, in the eyes of the poor, he is a great leader and tutor; in the Kuomintang's view, he is a riotto, a gangster, is a sinner that subverts the country. History, it will not thicken this thin, maybe this is the true value of history. We often refer to respect history, not only for Japanese aggression. Sometimes this sentence is also suitable for us.

Why is it to respect history? Because the development of society is before and with songs, people are not sages, so they have to face out what have happened. Or good or bad is not our authority to comment, of course, we can't always be entangled in the world that discusses yourself or not. Just like us only, we can make an evaluation of the ancient things, but this also varies from the values ??of the commentator. In the future, what kind of evaluation we will do, maybe this is not what we need to think about it, because later people, the times will not be the same, the values ??will be different.

Perhaps our sin is evil, it is wrong, not forgive, and is destined to attract the spit and accusation of future generations. However, they should also learn to respect history, and the past is history. In the past, it is not necessary to have a history for thousands of years; it is also history before a minute ago. This is also a history tells us that history will not be thick, history will not cover any party, history is fair, so we should respect it.

Of course, history can be tampered with. No one is tampered with history, who will tamper with history, not only Japan, is not limited to China. Historical textbooks in any country are for their ruling class, because of this, we need to respect history. If you look at some extent, the behavior of tampering history is also a history, maybe very helpless, but we have to respect this history.

Comrade Mao Zedong once said that "there is no investigation has no right", that is, we can't do anything, I believe that any other person taught to our theory and knowledge, even if it is reasonable, we can rule out its unreal Can possible? No, it is impossible to make the right judgment after you have a full understanding of the pulse of the dragon. This process is the process of the dragon, it is a history, not a talk to the cloud. Otherwise, your place is willing to attract it, this non-discussion is a historic discussion!

I always believe this sentence, then "it is right and wrong, it is right and non-people." I feel deeply in this sentence, so I always dialectic listening to the evaluation of Brand, not the cloud.

History, it will not thick thicker. Respect history, respect yourself.

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