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Saturday on January 23rd, 2021Other

Yesterday, I read the TV version of the destiny, then I found out TV and OVA, and the theatrical version waited for me 2333 I wrote a TV version last night. The result, why people will see, the result is just opened. Lofter sees 6 heat, it is really a pet. Then I found that my home page was not normal, why the website shows and the actual difference. . . I have updated 7 articles. The homepage is also staying in the king agent. It can be seen in the archive, but the high-definition big picture of a Dr.Pepper in last night is not seen. . . Is this also the choice of destiny?

So today I want to write a writing, just make up for the TV version of Yesterday. I have been mixed, and the readers will distinguish which part is the theater. As for the readers who have never seen the original, I suggest it to see, otherwise I will be scared 2333

I have to say that the door of the destiny is really chaotic, 24 episodes of the TV front and a set of 23 episodes of the beta world line (hereinafter referred to as 23), and after the completion of the 23 story, the special article discussed by the 23 storyline, this I didn't find cooked meat, Youtube had raw meat, 240p, and attached. After that, there is an OVA after the orthodox 24 episodes, which describes this harmony, no one dead, named "Destiny Stone Gate" world line, the male master set, no, encountered The previous laboratory members made a badge for them, which is the clues when Awan Yin Sui is looking for him. 23 is only different after nine minutes. When the Okamari Lunlang returned to the past, after the death of the past, he saved the three slaps of the world - mutter, not, the juja is reasonable I didn't start it. I didn't let the Oki Lunlang will try again. I didn't look at that video. Instead, it is not good to say that others are not good, so, Mu, red, redness, no rescue. However, after the ED, the Monozo appeared in front of the TV Department in the form of self-introduction, so he did not know what it was 2333. It is said that it is a new game. Theatrical version is the world's world online online, because the previous setting is either herbs, or the child is dead, but the destiny Which is not dead, so this world line began to fluctuate, before I have experienced a lot of Oki Langtai Lang, I can't identify this now, so he is pulled by his memory to a name "R World The world line has went 2333 on the world and in the original world, no one remembers his existence, think that there is no such person in the beginning, and then, it is of course a good head to make the oceanic red-liking discovery , Then under her efforts, others gradually recall the existence of such a person, and finally and Suzuyu took the time to returned to the beginning of the old kisses of the Okata of the Okata of the year with unfamiliar big sister. (I also want to be taken away by the big sister who doesn't know, Well, I still have to count, 2333), will eventually, of course, the big group I like.

Many people said that the theater is not as good as TV. The TV is God. In fact, I think two are God, but, TV is too long, and when I look at it, I am very moving, but I have to write all the film. After reading it, there are many forgotten, just like the theatrical version: I feel that he exists, but it is a little bit of a little bit. Instead, only one and a half hours of theatrical version, can make my touch to stay more. My language teacher is not in the world, so I have this way, if you don't understand. . . Then I can't help 2333

Some people discussing this animation scientific person, I have seen it, "Setting a world line Shangkang Department is T1, XXXX is T2, set some kind of change to A (X), then how to" The post, I feel that the concept of the concept is very understanding, but "seek a true sense of people in the fictional story must have a problem", just like the "central gravity", it is very good. Movie, how is a group of people discussing how not science, I am not targeting, I said that all people who have a peak in the film and television works are spicy chickens (of course, there is no science, this is not scientific So you can criticize them). Of course, the film and television works can still be less art. It can borrow the time of 2000 Yank Ti Tour as the door of the Destiny, and the IBM5100 introduced into IBM (it is also from the prophecy from the tip), I think this. It's quite good, you can bring us in this blurred story, I think this is God. Although a strong exposure and the woman's painting of the woman made me very uncomfortable, I will think that it is just a screening of the audience, and sieves the people who are trending the bismuth, bringing God. Really understand the people who make people mood. There is a saying that "a good book can meet the right person to read is lucky", I think everything is like this, the book is also a good anime, even if it is a person, it will only bloom in front of understanding. , Isn't it?

Of course, if you don't agree that this is a god, it is not necessary to criticize me because of the content of the natural section. You still have to increase your knowledge, don't see the wind is rain, I always want to engage a big news. You, TOO Young, Too Simple, Sometimes Naive.

Ah, the film is completely, I will write it next (# )

In short, I really like this, I also like the Monozo Red Lysi, and several other women's owners, as well as the lacquer of the shrine, but is male. . So since I forgot to write, then I will here. Next time ~

By the way, you don't want to see me to do a worldwide change. World line change rate detector, I probably know how to get it, that is, DS18-12 will be too expensive, just watching stickers, some people analyze anime The model of the glow tube inside, but it has been completely selling, this kind of thing is dead, it is very good to look good, the warm orange light emitted by the neon is very good, it is very good. Just because of the changes in the times, there is no profit being abandoned by people. This world is really cruel.

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