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Movie: Valley

Thursday on January 28th, 2021Other

I recently watched a movie, Xinhai Cheng's "words", a Japanese animation!

Speaking of the picture, don't want to say anything, domestic animation, you just have a rocket and catch up, just a casual frame can do the feeling of wallpaper, it turns out that our world is so beautiful! I really want to give this picture, the rain and water are green, it is really too delicate ~ unparalleled! Regarding the plot, I think it is good, the rhythm is slow (what is going so soon?) The music of the movie, there is also very good, and this movie is too popular!

I have always thought that the Japanese may have a craftsman, and then a simple thing must be polished. This movie is the case. In addition to the plot slightly, the other is really extreme, seeing the Douban is black, in fact I I want to say, I want to pick up the abortion is always very easy, but I think about yourself, what can you make? The empty talk is not good, used by the work! So just the picture, this movie is also five stars!

I see this version, there is no subtitle at the last 45:33 seconds, but some people translate (address), there is another paragraph of the last theme song. The pavilion in the movie is now indeed, you can search this coordinate in Google Map 35.684871, 139.708237, and this pavilion in addition to Shinjuku is forbidden, haha. The figures in the movie are very classic short songs from "Wanhui". In fact, this place is Shinjuku Yanyuan. It is found that it is very close to the two-chome, letting I think of the "Goodbye II" written by Lin Xi.

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