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What is I thinking when the Chinese is thinking Do not succeed?

Wednesday on March 10th, 2021Other

When we were still entangled with Wang Baoqiang, the Americans were paying attention to the world's first quantum communication satellite launched in my country. The teacher said that I will send it to the public number of the school according to the road of this push.

This kind of thing is written on your own website, but also get it on the public number, but also take the school group committee student meeting, so that the three can be a little bit, that is not a trouble, often look at me. The readers of the article know how much I have these three things, 2333 can't say the east, but it is certainly not a positive, negative energy is still a lot (this may be rare, because I like to send my negative energy to the circle of people in the circle of people ).

Ok, I will first criticize the people's daily report. First of all, it is unfortunately, according to that, I, and the fruit shell know those people, it may not be a Chinese. The first news that I saw when I was washed in the toilet in the morning is that my country has launched this satellite, but I have already arrived until Wang Baoqiang is in the afternoon. When I am bored, I will brush Weibo to see it. However, ordinary people seem to be concerned about the satellite, frontier technology and those who are unknown in the field must be abnormal. And the so-called normal in my country is the same as the Daily.

When I got a quantum satellite with my family, my family talked about Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong's things in a blood. I didn't even know Wang Baoqiang, until my classmate sent me a expression. package. This is the gap. When a few people are discussing the business, most people are in entertainment, because satellite launch does not bring anything to them, and discuss the discussion gossip, and can figure out a moment on the mouth. Of course, there are some people who celebrate the 90-year-old life of the elderly while the film is celebrated.

My family thinks that reading is very important, learning knowledge, and earn big money in the future, then take a good wife to give birth to a child, and Annse is old. Among my family, there are always some seven gods, eight big sorrows, but in the face of various push rumors on WeChat, they are still being lied. So this shows that the overall scientific literacy of our people is not high. Then there is a picture below.

The picture is from the network, its accuracy and authenticity I don't dare to guarantee, there is a QQ number in the second picture. If the content is not a private letter, I delete pictures, if you need to be held accountable, please find that QQ.

No matter what the picture is true, this is a satirical. The first law of Newton is already told when junior high school. The inertia is the nature of all objects to maintain the current movement. It is the bull that any object is to keep a moving or stationary state until the external force force it changes the motion state. Although there are many high-quality people in society, how much is these knowledge?

Another evidence that my country's scientific literacy is very low is that when the TV begins to talk about chemistry, a reporter of a central station Beijing Taiwan is particularly ignorant, and then began to say that I can't see it. In fact, ignorance is not hateful, not terrible, just that kind of attitude and confidence that is not respectful and fascinating is very annoyed.

So the people are ignorant and ignorant. The people's daily report seems to be sent to some depth good text to let readers awake. Haha, comic. I originally want to say that people who talk about gossip can be a miracle, but the title of the Japanese report "China's dry thing has made the United States blown, ..." The second half did not want to fight. However, this title is very attractive, and it is possible to guarantee that those people have passed the text, I dare to gamble, those people will never read the article. (In fact, I don't have, the reason is that the content is not a science donkey)

When the Chinese is thinking about "our government has blown a thing of the United States, and we are still discussing the gossip", the family is thinking about Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong's things, than my little child may think today. I am unhappy, and I am thinking, why don't I go to the ship in the agent.

In fact, this article I wrote is as meaningful as the title. I wrote and don't write, I have not given me any benefit, nor is it like a 1080p downtown to make up the anime or some of the anime OR. A big news, then I really want to write it out to you. This is just a message from the teacher, and I have sent it, and then write it. Like this article, I feel definitely unable to recruit a sound and ban, and I firmly believe that the article I wrote and Huo Joh is far away from the articles in his personal public number. It is also like him. Reader is willing. Look. Ok, no matter how I still write the article. I hope you like it.

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