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Two weeks of college fleet

Wednesday on March 10th, 2021Other

Trying to ask the Nannan to do not good, this heart is in our township.

I don't know, anyway, I suddenly want to watch the college fleet, just like the girl just after reading the girl, for some kind of mood, I always want to see these two people from time to time. drama. After eating dinner, I started two weeks. I jumped over some memories - I remembered it after a week - even so, I also empty it when I saw the end.

Although a week, I knew that the sunny style was completed in the drama because it was hit in the battle, and finally in the port, I couldn't help but cry when I saw this ending again. Then looked at the lyrics of BGM and smiled, and then completed the second week.

As a few uncommon military animation I found, I think if you carefully see this connotation is almost as rich as the girl with the chariot. Although the style of painting and the plot and some scenes of the scene are slightly tender, I can still feel the mood of the production team wants to express.

In the manifestation, especially the first episode, in some pictures, it feels that there is a kind of naive feeling, that is, the emotional expression is too face (ah .. This sentence is trying to understand it), it is from the face The expression can experience the emotions that the characters want to express, but I feel that this expression is a little exaggerated.

Then it is the BGM written by a week. At first, BGM was a bit like a girl who was kind and chariot. Subsequently became a soundtrack that was very like a movie "chasing", and then suddenly became a modern curved style in the ending, and personal feelings of BGM Still quite big. As for the above challenge, some BGM's beginning and the hunting of the hunting is similar, and I will let me think of the work. By the way, the Troists and pursuit of Gao Jiajian starring is a very good film. However, the BGM curved change has a large span, but does not affect the rendering atmosphere, let al almost not noticed in a week, just think that some BGMs are similar to hunting. If you really want to say, I think it is the most powerful BGM.

The above is some screenshots of the final words and the second words, I think this is very beautiful, and it is very beautiful and touching. First of all, I said that Musashi, her captain's well-known Mengxiang and our protagonist is a friend, and the martial arts is also the most powerful ship in the entire school, so put it in the end of the big BOSS. Naturally, it should be, and from the perspective of the plot, in the case of the care, you must have to rescue the martial arts of the friends of Mengxiang to be free from the script, so this will laid the end. Very exciting and unexpected foundation.

Save a large-scale super large-scale directory martial arts that is controlled by the virus, I am afraid that it is impossible to do it. So the plot is very good to introduce the audience into this kind of dilemma. When you want to abandon your ship, you suddenly appear in the horizontal line, the German ship (name memory couldn't remember 2333) and schools. This is like the 5v30 of the Women's Middle School in the Massion Edition 5V30. Suddenly, there is a support forces of the schools in the top of the school, which is encouraged, and it is good to be encouraged. .

The combat plan is dangerous, and success is always accompanied by joy, and the scenery must be wonderful on the road to success.

Under the efforts of everyone, the Wuzhong is finally rescued, and Mengxiang and Ming have finally hug together. After returning to the port, you will go to the boat. Just when everyone is sighing on the ground, the sun can't hold it, sink. This 11th episode of the past saved the whole world in the past, and it was still sinking. "The coming people help!" This sentence may contain all the uniforms that the dorsers try to retain the sunny wind, but they have come here, love. If the fate must let it sink in the sea, then we have to send her to the last journey. After all, we have played together in parallel, and he has repeatedly created the legend.

Compared with the young girl and the battle theater version, the story of this big sad sad story can be more deep and long-lasting, and I think this end is also very deep, after all, the general meeting in life Some people have some people's facts, after they completed their historical mission, fate should be separated from you. Since I can't stay, I will send it to the last rule in your life - at least no regret. I think so.

In terms of character, in addition to the drama, it is possible to fill the captain of the fashion of the West, which is the caverness, which is the caverness of the fashion, which is the captain of the fashion, which is the captain. Quantity and scale, I think there should be a fight with the less war. Some of the people I like this, like the Belief Best Word, the silent , , Wearing the genius medical girl in white coat, there is a crew of various ships in the play. I don't think the passers people in other operas are just grass, but every person can shape its image. Make it full of life. However, the glasses of a male school and teaching director with the same boat may draw a true grass. 2333

Ok, I thought it was written above, I forgot to forget 2333 This is a good work!

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