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South Korean girl group f (x)

Monday on August 17th, 2020Other

f (x) is not a function Oh, it is a South Korean girl group's name, whether in Korea or China has a high popularity, but I know that they only recently, has also been severely brainwashed Korean, previously heard T-ara song over and girlhood, but did not reach the level of love, but f (x) does have this ability!

Of course, you can put f (x) as a function, f (x) = VALSK, this function has sexy beauty girl Victoria Song Qian, deep captain, dance skills; Amber is taking the neutral line, is responsible for rapper; Luna is responsible for treble part; Sulli should be a lovely type; Krystal mainly lead singer and lead dancer, but also looks outstanding temperament. As can be seen the whole assembly division of labor is very comprehensive, but also take into account the various types. What say Korean star cosmetic surgery, but f (x) is indeed very natural, which is rare in Korean entertainment.

In addition Song Qian from China, Krystal and Amber (Taiwanese) from the United States, and the rest of South Korea, is also international ah, basically in the Asia-take-all. There are a few songs was quite good, whether it is dance or song, such as "Hot Summer" "Electric Shock" "LA chA TA" and so on.

But a combination of South Korea's too much, too much competition, and replacement soon, so f (x) to face a lot of challenges, do not know will not like Song Qian Han as choose to return home to develop it?

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