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DIY solar sensor light

Monday on August 17th, 2020Other

Making solar sensor light

Balcony at home a little longer, put the washing machine on the edge where most of the evening will be a little on the light dark, had intended to put on a lamp that again, but then I thought to do so is also very troublesome, but also occupy a socket, and later on in internet to buy the solar LED lamp, also with minimum $ 18, the principle is the daytime to charge the internal battery 18650 by the solar panels, human activity is sensed automatically lit at night, people left off automatically after 30 seconds.

This lamp is really very convenient, do not pull, do not have their own charging, but it is also limited to sunny during the day, if for several days are cloudy, then this will not light a lamp base, itself cheap with 18650 battery will not be good to go, usually we can not stand the day light quality in general, sometimes I do not know what the problem is suddenly not bright.

Just a bunch of these hand parts, so the re-DIY, in addition to solar charging, but also can give the lithium polymer battery is charged by a charging module 5V, so that there are two charge modes, and stronger applicability. Plus a battery charge indicator and a digital voltmeter, can clearly understand the remaining battery power. Now press the right button to see the red voltage, press the power button to see the indicator remaining power, can open and close the solar sensor light press the button on the front panel.

Replace the Bluetooth headset module

DIY Bluetooth headset hands of a few MMCX interface, which is a Bluetooth control line, with a period of time can not be switched on, at first I thought it was a battery problem, but the next check is not, it is estimated that the module is broken, Ever since the Internet spent 15 yuan to buy a Bluetooth module, Bluetooth 5.0, the chip is produced domestically Jerry AC6936, this price will not even think about what CSR8645 and Apt-X these.

Welding good after the new module used a few times, I feel quite good, at least Bluetooth connection is very stable, coupled with the Apple Earphones reform MMCX earbuds, sound pretty good, durable battery, battery insist 7-8 hours no problem . In short the fun of it, do not ask.

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