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Movie Rainbow City, the richest man in the West

Thursday on October 15th, 2020Other

"West Rainbow City's richest man" film presentation

Rainbow City West C team goalkeeper Wang Xiang great many fish (Shen Teng ornaments) was expelled from losing the game coach, unable to do anything more than the occasion of the king of fish suddenly invited the mysterious gold boss (ROCKETS ornaments), and was told he Insurance tycoon turned out to be the king of the old man (Li Li-chun ornaments) sole heir, estate up to ten billion! But the king of the old man gives a very wonderful condition, and that is to ask the king spent more than one billion fish in a month, can not tell the people around, or else lose the right to inherit. Wang many fish did not hesitate to sign up "military order", with friends Zhuang strong (Zhang Yiming ornaments) and financial Xia bamboo (Song Yunhua ornaments) opened a "play Golden Tour" together, is about to become the king of many fish west of Rainbow City's richest man, for the first time I felt the joy of doing the wealthy, big spenders but also want to find it is not so simple!

Some ideas

This is the king of many fish re-energized, rhythm Cock wire counter-attack ah. Was expelled from the team is not that also the unexpected become the sole heir to a billionaire. Only dream episode he actually met the Cock wire, to be honest, when I look at the time especially admired. See the back, said to inherit the legacy of this 30 billion, it was left to complete his task di. A month spent billions without leaving anything of value, which is more than thirty billion is the king of fish, otherwise, as a contribution to this thirty billion donated, or directly take ten million legacy to leave. I just started to seem to feel that choice is between ten million and thirty billion, hh according to my idea of ??view, I wish I had a million, I also satisfied. After considering the election under the king accepted this condition and more fish.

They say outrageous money on it, playing on the wealthy, king many fish as well. The teams pack down, rent space, rent a hotel, rent a delicious tasty fun, what are rented, because you can not leave any assets a month later. This generous act so that his brothers Zhuangqiang loss.

Breakfast ginseng, Bazhua swallowed; drinking do not know what, but the most expensive wine; supper Oden rinse in sea cucumbers, boiled lobster; scissors and Sicong worth approximately one billion hairstyle. But the most absurd is not unimaginable substances extravagant, this "small time" has demonstrated a very low way before. The biggest absurdity is absurd to change.

Gold boss gave many fish king sent a Treasurer summer bamboo, statistical financial expenses every day. He said the plot is an old routine, and many fish in the car is king Pengci, bamboo and summer in the debate on the way, then quickly became a superior and subordinate relationships, in the end is to become lovers. But I think the characteristics of the character set is better, although summer bamboo is an accountant, treasurer, but Money means nothing, and the king squandered many fish image very different. Summer bamboo boyfriend, before the king know many fish, is a known as the Ten Outstanding Young, inspirational speech everywhere, save the minds of speaker or called mentor (looks like Wang Lee Hom), however, the king gave him many fish after two bundles of bank notes, revealing his greedy side, willing to be a pesticide spray sprinkle a small gardener.

Buffett forced to eat large kidneys China, Lee Hom concert at home, more than criticize the king fish upstart program, Wang still have to port broadcast many fish sponsorships. Many fish are close to the city's pursuit of the king's summer bamboo posters, and people curse summer but bamboo is Su Daji.

Wang shows us many fish, especially what money really can do whatever they want. At least the capital market manipulation, control and cultural fields, control public opinion, the people around these little things can do whatever they want.

More interesting is, when the end of the month, the king Zhuangqiang cock fish to earn more than ten million angry king more than half dead fish, king fish more than he wanted a sure way to find gold boss cooperative selling insurance, selling insurance or fat. Oh, great, the people of the city led the movement together, how much fat to lose, how much money you send, naturally money faster.

Originally thought so selling insurance, ten, one hundred million can be spent, but was captured bamboo summer, many fish to the king to take ten million to redeem her, this is the king of many fish di left him the ultimate test. Among the choices, king fish and more money came with a trading place, this time also the mystery, he gave up the money, chose humanity. This is the choice of money and human right.

The end of the egg

Wang Xia many fish and bamboo together, got Heritage 30 billion, intends to donate out, but the thought of their children, and that they both enjoy enough, can not let their children suffer, so there will be the end of the two wrote to the cost of their children's list:

In short, I think this movie is good, even though I was on the phone speaking gun version. (Text, pictures and text from some known almost)

To a survey

The whole film down to see the entire process, in addition to the very decompression, also had people to ponder:

1. money, how would you do? Release daring to do, you might get more?

2. If you have money, you will always be your target?

3. human nature and people, money and guilt, you will choose to become rich, or in later life, will always live in guilt in the game?

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