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Movie Ant-Man 2: The female wasp coming out.

Thursday on October 15th, 2020Other

I said Dr. Pym inside look at how so familiar, Baidu, the original star Douglas, the last to see the "animal world", played a villain.

Funny has always been the responsibility of the Marvel movies, this brings us to the "Ant-Man 2: The female wasp coming out", you did not let the audience down, the whole point of laughing constantly, most people think Scott is a drama queen in the words most people always lots to talk about. Although I did not see "Ant-Man 1", direct look at the second part, from start to finish, said Scott never-ending, but still smiling, funny story is very exciting.

The right side is very happy smile ants Scott

"Ant-Man 2" will be the timeline set in the "Captain America 3" "civil war" in two years, Scott Long after the FBI received a plea agreement, he has been under house arrest. Scott gradually and did not contact the Hope and Hank government is also seeking to avoid tracing, working on a secret project. If successful, they will likely Janet finally rescued from quantum field (Quantum Realm) in. But a mysterious villain named Ghost was threatening their plans, Hope and Hank do anything, I had to recall Scott to help.

Second-generation female wasp

They also hired Scott buddy children Luis (Michael Pe?a ornaments), Dave (TI ornaments) and Kurt (David Da Sima Qi even ornaments); as well as co-workers before Hank Bill blessing Manchester (Bill Foster), he is also hiding a dangerous secret about himself. Now, Scott must endeavor to assist Hope Janet and Hank rescue, while avoiding the FBI's hunt, but also with his daughter Cathy Lang/Cassie Lang (Abby Ryder Fu Tesen ornaments) Future placed in a very dangerous situation?.

high tech

It is worth mentioning that a term science and technology play repeatedly mentioned: Quantum Technology.

Quantum (quantum) is an important concept in modern physics. It was first used by the German physicist M Planck proposed in 1900. He assumed that radiation energy blackbody radiation is not continuous, can only take integer multiple of a basic unit of energy, and could well explain the experimental phenomenon of blackbody radiation.

Later studies showed that not only exhibit the energy discontinuity of the separation properties, other physical angular momentum, the spin, such as the charge also exhibit quantum discontinuity phenomenon. This Newtonian mechanics to have the same fundamental difference is represented by classical physics. Quantum phenomenon mainly in the microphysical world. Physical theory describing microscopic physical world is quantum mechanics.

The word comes from the Latin quantum quantus, meaning "many", for "a considerable amount of a substance." Since the concept of quantum Planck proposed by Einstein, Bohr, de Broglie, Heisenberg, Schr?dinger, Dirac, Born and others to improve in the first half of the 20th century, initially established a complete theory of quantum mechanics. The vast majority of physicists as the basic theory of quantum mechanics to understand and describe nature.

I checked the next Baidu, to see behind the scenes of the film also mentioned: Quantum physics professor at the California Institute of Technology, Dr. Spiros Michalakis was hired Marvel "Ant-Man 2" consultants, he made it clear that "quantum field" will make the audience better understand the whole Marvel Cinematic universe.


The movie with other Marvel movie universe compared to the biggest difference is that there is no obvious villain, not heavy to save the world, but a funny and exaggerated adventure, more suitable for young people to watch. Looking at toy car becomes a real car, simply boys dream come true! A small house, turning into a large house, but also free to reduce the size of their own, is indeed the dream of many boys.

There is a script biggest advantage is the design of multiple story lines parallel underworld (Birch a pedestrian), FBI (installed grandson, Scott say they want to stop doing bad things), Ghost (named Eva, as a kind of accident, the body becomes different from ordinary people, need the help of the laboratory of Dr. Pym), ant-man generation daughter brought together several groups of people with different purposes, plus a caught in the middle not willing to take Sri Lanka at home in prison Cote, chasing and grabbing, it will look very busy, will not monotonous. Each character must face more than a "challenge" problem after another, almost no respite.

Dog food to wave

People Evaluation

2015, Ant-Man for the first time to the identity of the protagonist of landing the big screen, the film "Ant-Man" the release brought a distinctive breeze for the superhero world, its relaxed funny style attracted not only adult audience, but also to attract some teenagers. The "Ant-Man 2" has carried on this characteristic. After reading "Ant-Man 2," we found that the pattern of oversized and before "The Avengers 3" compared to "Ant-Man 2" pattern is still small, the story line is really set up before the end of the "complex with 3", undertake basic plot "3 US team." Because participation in the superhero Civil War, "the US team 3" Ant-Man under house arrest for two years, so he missed the "complex with 3", "Ant-Man 2" Basically this is the time happened to him thing. Therefore, "Ant-Man 2" as a "complex with 4" transitional film has a certain worth watching. It is worth mentioning that, in the "Ant-Man 2" is not only the head director Peyton Reed and Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd will work together to return, and also added two new characters, super heroine and female wasp ghost villain. The Avengers had gone through with the baptism of war, Ant-Man identity because of heavy exposure involved in trouble, and he will have to face the specter of a mysterious villain spoiler. Movie subtitle "female wasp coming out" will find that this time the ants no longer go it alone, also has high-tech equipment, and calm, agile Hornets women, and he fought side by side together to break from the past puzzles, and as Marvel Cinematic universe "new", the female wasp outshining the ant people. ( "People's Daily" commentary)

I would also say that they 're with 3 "when people do not see ant's shadow, turned out to be a stay at home under house arrest.

Finally, I want to say

Do not freeloaders at home watching the gun version, I saw today, "Ant-Man 2" is in the group made a friend of the theater's point of view. Quality is good, there are Chinese subtitles, however, to see the back only background sound, no sound character dialogue, watching good choice.

The movie is good, suggest that you have time with his wife and children, friends, classmates, along with Mom and Dad went to the cinema to see 3D ultra-clear, especially interesting!

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