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Although the text message is small, you will be bitten if you don't pay attention.

Wednesday on October 19th, 2005Life

There are more and more text messaging traps recently. If you don't pay attention, you will fall for it. You have to be nervous and prepared from time to time.

I send a few messages to my mobile phone every day, with all kinds of tricks. List some of the items received in recent days for exhibition.

First, he said that he had just learned my phone number from a friend and asked me to guess who she was. (Number: 1015903111)
Second, when he said that Malaysia was leaving, he told me a lot of things before parting, left me a message and asked me to listen in. (Number: 923822)
Third, he said that his mobile phone was stolen during National Day and the number was changed. (Number: 9155620179299)
Fourth, tell the names of the people. (Number: 9733888)
Fifth, he said he would help me test Yao Hua luck. (Number: 193752)
Sixth, the dating hotline for handsome guys and beautiful girls. (Number: 88990)
Seventh, let me send text messages to grab Super Girl tickets. (Number: 86968)
Eighth, I want to reveal the love destiny of my life. (Number: 9808183)
Ninth, she said her name was Xue 'er and she had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted me to comfort her. (Number: 932805110663)
Tenth, promote tourism and shopping. (Ordinary mobile phone number)
11. Send some half-adult jokes or something. (...)

Updates one after another...

See if there are any messages sent to your mobile phone often, and don't get caught. Also, don't send messages to the numbers listed above, otherwise you will suffer the consequences.
I wonder if there is any more novel trick?

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