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Change the Gravatar source for the Typecho Pinghsu theme

Wednesday on July 21st, 2021Life

the comment avatar of the site can not be displayed yesterday. It looks pretty fucked up. It must be the previous source that died. I got up early this morning, so I replaced the new source to make the avatar display normally.

changing the Pinghsu theme is actually quite simple. It should be noted here that it is useless for you to change the source of the global Typecho. Why? Because the author directly transfers in the topic, it is not the function of the Typecho that is called.

first step: find the theme directory comments.php file and open it;
part 2: search and find the corresponding URL. Each person may use a different source address, but the structure is the same, such as the location in the following figure

part III: replace the above URL with the domestic mirror URL you found. Here, I replace the source
from Chengnan Old things. Part IV: save and refresh.

here, I would like to thank [Chengnan Old things] for its self-built service. It is too convenient to promote it. Blog address: Bloggers who need it can have a look at it.

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