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Pick up the car Emmarela Q312 directly after work.

Sunday on July 18th, 2021Life

I had an impulse today. I was still consulting everyone on the blog about the electric car around 5: 00 in the afternoon, and listed the model of the car I wanted to buy, and asked everyone to advise me. Unexpectedly, I went directly to the store to pick up the car as soon as I got off work, !

this whole thing is a little impulsive, but I'm still very happy. After all, I've been watching it for several days, and I finally got it.

this time I was so impulsive that I wanted to buy an electric car as a substitute for going to work for a long time, but I finally couldn't stand it today and bought it.

this time the electric car is the [Emma Reira Q312] graphene version. The specific parameters are as follows:

  • Motor: Emma engine MAX Energy Condenser Motor
  • Motor Power: 1000W
  • Battery Type: graphene second-generation battery (Chaowei)
  • Battery parameters: 72V22A
  • Lamp Group: whole vehicle LED Energy Saving Lamp Group, Front headlamp lens function
  • CES patented brake energy recovery system, low rolling resistance tire technology, SDS patented intelligent power system, LED extreme Night Black HD dashboard, 27L large storage space, front and rear drum brakes, front and rear hydraulic shock absorber. The above are the basic parameters of this car.


there are still some differences between the online version and the offline store version of this car. The online version is 60V20A battery, Bosch 500W motor, the final price is 3199 yuan, the offline version is basically 70V20A battery, 1000W Emma engine MAX energy accumulation motor, the final price is 3899 yuan, and the offline high-end version does not have the color of swan gray.

first of all, I buy this car for the sake of appearance. I usually buy things with face first, followed by performance. This car has four colors, red, blue, glaze white, and swan gray. In fact, I wanted to buy swan gray, but as a result, the physical store did not have this color, unless I bought it online, I will talk about why it is not available in the physical store below.

the 30KM or so itinerary was tried out in the evening. The battery did not lose a single battery, the whole journey was open in three gears, and the lights were on, basically at full speed 50KM/H. Generally speaking, the driving force was very good, with a slight twist, the power quickly kept up, the chain did not fall off, the brake was also very timely, and the brakes stopped when they arrived.

but this car still has shortcomings, shock absorption, this is a problem, too hard, too hard to lead to uneven road, the driving feeling is not so comfortable, and I do not know if it is the cause of the new car. The front disc brake always makes a squeaking friction sound in the process of driving, which is very uncomfortable. The consulting boss said that the sound of the disc brake in front of the new car will disappear after a period of running-in.

this car's front LED lens headlights get a compliment, shooting very far very bright, a lot of battery cars, is a very conscientious front headlights, and then, the car storage space is also large enough, cushion space can put two helmets, but also can put some other small things, the front storage box is also very deep and large, and the car has its own USB charging interface, do not worry about the phone without power, can be recharged at any time.

the original offline price of this car is more than 4600. Today, the 70V20A version is subsidized by manufacturers, so 3890 yuan can be picked up. Under my indefatigable lobbying, I cut down 90 yuan. Haha, the most important thing is that the boss upgraded the battery from graphene I 70V20A battery to 72V20A graphene second generation battery for free. It is said that if you don't upgrade the battery, you can cut down 3700 yuan and get it. But think of a little more battery capacity, feel at ease, heh.

finally, let's take a look at the first show of Emmarela Q312 after picking up the car, !

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