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PHP version rrs subscription Recommended miniflux

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

Speaking to do blog, and can become the exchange of visits, and visits to do, you can not live without subscription. ShuDudu blog at no time before the subscription is engaged in the browser with favorites, often visits the blog favorite browser, ten, as a group, are all set to open a group every day, even if they are not updated blog, also open look, so waste a lot of time. Later, after their agonizing and recommend everyone to start using the browser plug-in version of rss subscription tool, before and after the feedbor and feeder. In the "Web RSS feed tools recommended feeder" I would recommend that you use a feeder, in the course of a period of time after the discovery, open feeder sometimes too slow. Point to open a website update that circle does not turn on a minute or two simply do not open, even a connecting plug are not open, so I do not have to re-find rss subscription tools.

Some time ago the god of woodlands grasslands recommended to me on a personal space to install their own version of PHP RSS subscriber miniflux, after a trial period of time, I feel very good, you want to have all the features here, the interface is simple, functional enough .

miniflux1.X version is the version of PHP, mysql and sqlite database can choose versions. Although this version stopped updating, but for the individual use of no problem. miniflux2.X use Golang version is written only supports Postgresql database, and must use the VPS can install. So here it is recommended that you use miniflux1.X version.

If you are using sqlite version miniflux1.X, then, after downloading upload can be used directly, the original admin password is admin, and then change the password settings Simplified Chinese language can be used directly, and save the trouble of configuration database. Even after the site move, that is, the file can be moved, very simple terms.

As for the use of, do not introduced here, very simple, can be said to be a fool, there is need can be downloaded toss.

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