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J3160 and J1800

Thursday on June 4th, 2020Net Web


In fact, this little host I have used for some time, and was just trying to find a block of low-power idle on fish, X86 architecture CPU board to do the soft route, but generally too expensive dual network ports, to find a single network port and they found it, the price is not expensive, but also with a chassis, the chassis is Liren T3, looks quite new. If the latter plus Mini PCIe card can also achieve the effect of 2-port Ethernet.

J3160 The main advantage is the low-power, TDP only 6W, is really very low, running OpenWrt only 6.8W, the other is the CPU also supports AES instruction set, this is too important for some functions, support VT virtualization words -x, running virtual machines can do, but do not support VT-d, the card does not support pass-through, in fact, virtualization of no use to me, I just put on a OpenWrt it.


Taking into account the actual situation of Internet at home, I still feel bypassed by the more suitable for me, after all, do not want to change too many existing networks, is now home to two hard Asus routing group AiMesh, the wireless signal is very good, in fact, can not be considered by the bypass route, I understand that he is a gateway server in the next route, but I realize that some functions are sufficient.

Install OpenWrt system, I recommend eSir compiled firmware directly to the installation of the system to the U disk, and then set the U disk as installed in the U disk easy to replace OpenWrt system, want to change the system, then directly to the U disk pull out to re-write firmware like while running OpenWrt system in the U disk will not be much slower.

Test a little speed, speed generally have 7,8 million of it, this speed is not particularly fast, after all, depends on many factors, but to see a smooth 4K or can, and N1 comparison, although power consumption is still very low ratio high N1, but the X86 than Arm firmware can brush more, and better performance. Recently the family of Category 6 network cables are replaced by a flat line, the next year to consider the 300M.


This board is idle for a long time, and could not sell, J1800 and NAS as the soft route, or can, after all, low power consumption, with a hard drive that I just 10W, lower than GI945 N270 and simple with acrylic ride He had a shell, but the material is almost enough for a common chassis money.

Industrial piece of board is also very wonderful, I could not find the network card driver in Windows, and thus be directly installed a DS3617xs, because I no public network IP, do not bother washed up, directly through the network FRP penetrate it, access speed is very general, and bind the domain name certificate, through internal domain names network equipment is also very convenient, Docker also installed some programs, such as Selfoss, the RSS reader to feel easy to use than some of Miniflux.

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