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Personal blog updates independent thinking

Thursday on July 2nd, 2020Net Web

Some people blog a beginning, very touching day update a few good content, such as RaresNote, recent updates frequently, almost every article are Yi Zizi yards out, many casual feeling. Time is not fixed. This passion may be able to maintain a few months, but after the passion will inevitably slack. To be able to sustain long-term, some things must be thinking, especially web content side.

In the era of the information age of information overload, released in line with site targeting, programmatic, user likes, search engines love content into a content worth considering. When he would not think of, you can see someone else's.

Content strategy is the foundation of long-term development of a normal site, especially in the era of marketing search engines, high-value original site content more easily made close friends search engine, and the other in the social era can focus the readers like the content, it is also very important .

The back of the replacement program, the emotions recording something useful. This blog update frequency, see the timing of it, there are multiple time, no time to less points. My Story directory inside things will be a bit complicated, because of work reasons and interests, I will send some here after the company management, entrepreneurship, decoration articles decoration and other aspects.

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