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Electricity supplier era, are you ready

Thursday on June 18th, 2020Net Web

These two days found that 11 of the double electric provider advertising overwhelming, and Ali and force in the multi-dimensional multi-angle of the. Even the official website of the cloud Ali is also ahead of sounding slogan, Ali cloud APP also made changes to induce customers to recharge. Browser also take the initiative to pop all kinds of double 11 days cat page.

It happened that these days contacted a number of Taobao off, looks like there are a few pretty good. Add some micro-channel group, QQ group sending some money to the preferential links, of course, some through the website, app, software to achieve, is the most simple and crude QQ group, the micro-channel group, a circle of friends Sai.

As I am interested in the site, not take it anymore, though before long to know a variety of alliances, but for various reasons, that alliance is to do hard labor, others deduction amount, black single serious condition, coupled with their own relatively stable source of income so they did not try to cash. The Taobao customers to think of it, like the Nongnong. Knowing the registered account when prompted already registered, the account back too much trouble, you need to Taobao account binding, a variety of toss, Ali Mama, this system was originally Taobao system is separate. Also found a problem, to promote the management of the "Get Code" has not clickable. Adding to promote only the first bit of the time there will be a promotion related links, you get the point that the code can not be clicked after closing. Asked the degree of your mother, he did not know the degree of your mother. Asked Taobao customer service, he also switched to Taobao to robotics.

The following two addresses worthy of collection: 1, ten thousand College; 2, Taobao University; electricity supplier under careful study estimated that knowledge now easily than some so-called professional e-commerce?. right?

Ten thousand Academy: http: //

"Wan Tong" word from the "thousand thousand faces, ten thousand people," this sentence. It intended to bring together a variety of different sellers, and offers a variety of courses. AC banner store marketing. Content-based services to online learning videos, online training form, train set of products, operations, small Second, the essence of the experience of the lecturers sellers. Yung online video, online lectures, celebrity auditorium, the seller experience, a classic theme.

Taobao University: https: //

Taobao University official website of Alibaba Group, announced a unique e-commerce online training platform, Taobao is university network operators to create a 24-hour electricity supplier gas station, whether Taobao shopkeeper, the electricity supplier practitioners or electricity supplier business owners, are available through online learning platform to learn all kinds of dry goods sellers share the contents of front-line combat.

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