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Revenue for your site with CoinHive

Tuesday on June 2nd, 2020Net Web

CoinHive is a good thing ah. Please also be able to click through the top of the Start Mining occupied by your website to some CPU resources (only 10?less) to self-service operation of the site.

Next, I would like to explain in detail the CoinHive.

Simply put, CoinHive mining provides a scripting language based on JavaScript (capable of running in a browser) by you in your website Js embed this script, you can make your site's visitors to choose whether you want to contribute little (or all) CPU resources to give you mining. and so. . .

What is mining?

In fact, this concept is based on Bitcoin mining. About Bitcoin such electronic money, please take your own Google it, from a mathematical principle, I recommend a video 3Blue1Brown of: (B station) [bilingual] want to know the official Bitcoin (encryption and other currencies) the principle of it? , This video introduces the concept of Bitcoin currency such as encryption, as well as the mathematical principles behind it, easy to understand, it is recommended. If you want to go any further number, as well as this one, the same 3B1B, tells supported encryption algorithm encryption, such as Bitcoin currency: (B station) [bilingual] official 256-bit encryption How safe? .

Although reluctant to say so, but the encrypted electronic money can generate revenue for you, it's true. But this is not Nakamoto encryption and other currencies born in mind. So I spoke to the Internet when it comes to the "decentralized" ideology. Interested readers please Google it yourself.

How do mining?

If you read the above two recommended video, then you will know that mining is actually carried out many calculations, as long as the calculated value of a corresponding qualifying, then you can get some reward, which is now through Bitcoin the most common way to get income. However, such a large amount of computation, necessarily requires strong hardware support. CPU mining from the earliest to the later GPU, FPGA mining, now almost all the extruded individual miners ASIC circuit Board - one kind of specially designed by a circuit, such that a hardware specifically for mining. Such a high count force (starting capacity) make Bitcoin system rising difficulty, which can be seen as a hedge against inflation, rapid depletion of measures to prevent Bitcoin resources, but such weak measures to make computing resources more difficult for individual users gain profit. Therefore, there was mineral pool.

Ore mining partnership pool is a group of people, and then focus on income distribution. About this mineral pool, the venue also be grateful if you Wikipedia.


So finally introduced to the protagonist of the time. CoinHive script provided by mining on your website, make your contributions for mining computing power to help you, as long as enough people, enough to benefit, even to feed me such a small site. Of course, my website is now operational, including renting a server, domain name, DNS and paid domain mail, and all are my own expense, and even technical support are themselves.

Open CoinHive site to sign up. In addition to mining script is embedded in a Web page, they also offer a similar Google verification code and short URL service, the cost of these services is to allow visitors to your website pay calculation force. For example, you can verify that this is the number of hash code must be calculated in order to complete the verification, you can specify the number of hash to a short URL to let viewers skip the calculation is complete.

CoinHive remuneration paid is Monero currency, encryption is different from the currency Bitcoin books so publicly, not open to the public Monero your account information, so you can safely use it. Currently a Monero currency exchange can probably now around $ 700, even though far less than the currency bit of money, but plan a quiet thing.

In regard to his use, on their site has a Document, which is written in great detail. I'm not here to repeat.

The so-called strength in numbers, if you like my small station (think small like this is worth nothing like), may wish to contribute some CPU when browsing the page, can be considered to support my development.

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