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Free WordPress Tutorial (a): What is WordPress

Friday on January 31st, 2020Net Web

In the last post I've said, my free WordPress tutorial is based conversation law, put aside long-winded. So that everyone can understand at a glance tutorial. Here I will introduce the next WordPress.

What is WordPress

WordPress is an open source, PHP and MYSQL database using a free program BLOG. It is already the current mainstream personal, personal blog to build a platform. Compared to other personal blog platforms, WordPress has more plug-in support, to make him more extensions. Several of SEO plugin, make your personal blog site optimization more prominent; tens of thousands of dollars of free WordPress themes support, so that your personal blog more personalized.

At present the latest version of WordPress Chinese as WordPress2.92, the English version WordPress3.01. But Zhang Here it is recommended that you install the latest WordPress3.01 finished version. Because some of the features of the Chinese version does not achieve perfection.

WordPress environmental requirements

???? ??? Because WordPress use PHP language and MySQL database project development, so its operating environment also requires running in PHP and MYSQL. The latest version of their demands will get the best support.

Another point to be noted is that Linux Dui? WordPress friendliest,? WordPress various functions under Linux can be achieved. ? If WordPredd down if you run under WIN host, some of which function is simply no way to achieve. If you start to choose the WIN host, you may some day and embittered one kind of re-select the host again.

Next tutorial: choose a domain name and web hosting.

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