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WordPress Tutorials (XII): simple steps let you easily move blog site cum Moving Tips

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

During this time the Ministry of Industry should be a thorough investigation of the site false record, the record number many have been withdrawn out, even 06 years ago have filed a record number to be written off. Zhang is an entertainment station record number was also written off, like the original, but it took more than thirty dollars equipment. The action of the Ministry of the use of many domestic record number logged out of the site owners had to move abroad. Well, this time webmasters had to move things related to the site. Zhang blog in the "toss wordpress-- site move (database less than 50M) (Graphic novice tutorial)" on the website with a graphic description of the process to move in detail, now embittered in this article is basically to do some simplify the operation of skill, make your site easier to move.

The overall site is a two-step move, move and move files website website source database. About the source station database and website source files, Zhang blog in the article is to operate alone separately. In fact, we can step in to operate direct:

A backup source databases and source station

Open your cpanel control panel, locate the file --- backup, you can then follow. (DirectAdmin panel is the same operation)

This is inside the file backup is not only the site's source files, but you all the space in the database file and all backed up

Second, upload your backup files to the target space, and then extract the files into the appropriate site directory

Which I think would not have more to say!

Third, the database data into the database in the new space

Things should be noted here, your database backup data file backup site is and together, in the second step of the decompression time has come out! Also of note is the user name of your new database, password, and so old, like so save to modify the configuration files.

Open your destination station phpMyAdmin import data previously stored in the local computer (see introduction method)

?Data Import phpMyAdmin

After you click execution, depending on the size of your database, you may have to wait a few minutes. When the import is complete, there will be prompt to tell you.

According to this method of operation, the general move a website that is ten to twenty minute thing!

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