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excel2016 open the file prompt file is damaged and can not open solution

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web


When prompted "file is corrupt and can not be opened" This prompted exce2016 previously open file, under normal circumstances are that the file is really damaged. Not knowing that such a situation is a view protection office caused. Disable Protected View will be the perfect solution to the problem.

Recently the original win7 reinstall the system has become the latest version of win10 LTSC version, also the office software WPS2016 become a professional version version office2016. But the prompt "file is corrupt and can not be opened" in the previous section to open the excel file Shique. These files are copied to other computers office2013 actually can be opened with U disk. After this analysis, the file should not be a problem, the problem lies in excle2016 itself. After tossing some time, and finally the "file is corrupt and can not open the" perfect solution. After trial and error, which is caused by office protected view, disable protected view can be the perfect solution to this problem

Solution is as follows:

1, excel2016 open the file prompt "file is corrupt and can not open", click the OK button, enter a blank program interface.

2. Click the option in the File menu, select "Trust Center" in the options "Trust Center Settings"

3, set the sidebar to select "Protected View" in the Trust Center, three box to remove the check mark shown below (not checked), click on the OK button, re-open, you can normally use!

ShuDudu blog Friendly reminder: We generally thought to see "File corrupted", will think that the problem lies in the document itself, but does not know where it is due to software protection mechanism. So start thinking not only from one side, to be more perspective.

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