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Discuz! 7.0 personal information to beautify the perfect version of the debut update

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

Some original, inevitably there is an error. Got a feel pretty good, a lot of problems discovered after installation. Modify one night, Discuz! 7.0 personal information to beautify the perfect version finally debut. note! My version is perfect, not perfect version, not claiming to be perfect.

Disclaimer: I just its perfect, copyright is still owned by the original author.

Tips: Make a backup before consciously altered or overwritten, develop good habits.

It was into the perfect forum for their own, may not be suitable for your forum. There are shifted leak or when finishing behind this situation you back in the thread.

Installation: Download the attachment, press the appropriate directory covering uploaded directly update the cache can be.

Viewthread_node.htm original file has been modified, do not cover, do not mistake came to tell me, my good, and that in turn how how. It does not provide technical assistance. There are instructions to manually install accessories.

Look at the effect of it:

??? ??? ??

Perfect part:


1, shown below the title picture. (This can be selected according to their own, since it does not display the installation I removed, a change in the picture shown below)

2, exchange privilege and online time reading and the corresponding icon font color.

3, increase the display font (originally only display the word registration, online registration status changes to time, a long time online, the current state, to cobble together words. Look action renderings to know.)

4, uniform adjustment read permissions, registration time, long-line, missing from the display order of the current status.

5, an increase of short message transmission function.

6, increased Add as Friend feature.

(5,6 two original plug-in is not, at least I'm not in this, but the two functions it is very important.)

7, amended QQ space link (the original address error)

Also, in addition to calling ICQ functions. 1, the individual feels less need. 2, the test link is always slow death, do not know the code has no errors.

Please refer to the code modifications detailed documentation

download attachment:

? Discuz! 7.0 personal information to beautify the perfect version .rar (46.23 KB)

Copyright Protection: ShuDudu from the original article, reproduced Please keep the link: