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The first collection of QQ

Thursday on June 18th, 2020Net Web

Internet will not be independent of the industry outside of the real economy, but like water and electricity as deep into every corner of society, so that each industry and organization run more efficiently.

Internet is more like the steam engine and electricity, not only not destroyed all industries, on the contrary, many industries are using the Internet to complete sublimation. Who make good use of Internet technology will come easier to seize the opportunity.

On the status of the Internet thinker Kevin Kelly said, the history of the Internet's only 5000 days, has brought great changes, what will happen the next 5000 days, difficult for anyone to predict. The only certainty is that change brought by the Internet has only just begun, we are just on the road.

The first collection 2014.11.19 QQ, the Beijing News Ma answered record.

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