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Yellow to talk about this project

Sunday on June 7th, 2020Net Web

All along, I have to pursue lightweight blog system, then giving up wordpress reason is too bloated, after several years of use typecho, it was also considered sufficient typecho lightweight matter, whether or plug-ins are mature thematic mechanisms , the other user is also a lot of native comment system, it can be said is very wrong.

What is Yellow

Yellow can be understood as Flat-File CMS or static file generator, which is no database, based on the Flat File, is very lightweight content management systems, file size of only 200 K, all you need to know more than typecho 1M, so it is lightweight.

Why Yellow

Search on google or github Flat-File or markdown blog php, you can search dozens of such projects, many of which are to be composer, but also set up in or on github pages, but I do not like this way, the main inconvenient. And yellow, then the advantage is so much personal summarized as follows:

Only 200 k, installation is simple to outrageous. And the server requirements are very low, php5 + can be friends. Support website, blog, wiki three forms. No background, simple. Article markdown format (yellow suffix is ??txt), online direct write articles, you can also upload local finish. Convenient data management, database and you no longer need to deal with these things up. Static files, so your site speed to fly. Simple but not simple, themes and plug-ins are to facilitate the secondary development, comments can be used disqus. A small minority, distinctive feel good. The project has been updated, github years, many of these projects have not updated it.

Official website as well as other

Currently only found a Chinese user, seen in the Chinese user awareness is very low, if you just want a quiet writing a blog, only need a simple function, the pursuit of simple brisk, markdown writing the words, Yellow can definitely do the job.

Yellow's official website | Yellow Github | Yellow theme | Yellow Plug

I sincerely hope that more people will use this program to write blog, my blog Yellow, look at the top right of navigation.

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