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After replacing the server

Thursday on May 28th, 2020Net Web

This blog space finally go abroad (GoDaddy's use of space), precisely today is Christmas. At the moment, I feel very relaxed. Because this blog must be reconstructed before going abroad, no reconstruction can not go abroad, so replace the space is not an easy thing, in fact, every time programming must overcome great difficulties. This blog servers in high-brother parked there for nearly five years, the use of domestic servers have a lot of trouble, they Blogger and independent domain owners have experienced these troubles, these troubles have gradually become well-known things.

Go abroad, in fact, easier to manage. For Blogger and webmaster, so good, as long as the site does not infringe the rights of third parties, can control their own sites on their own tubes, without outside (a department) to interfere. Because some human intervention, is not conducive to living beings, but for their own selfish interests, to help her cross, regardless of people's life and death.

Some of them not only unreasonable, do not believe the truth, many Internet users as well. Perhaps this sentence sounds impolite, but this is from a loving heart and soul, because the two influence each other. They also do not come from Internet users? If the majority of Internet users speak the truth, both gratitude and not ungrateful thing, there would be no tragedy. Sense of community awareness of individual decisions, affect the individual's awareness of the sense of community is very insignificant.

A lot of blog has stopped updating or closed. Everyone carefully written blog, are also hard-working to pay. This is a really hard-working industrious, it is worthy of respect. Reality many people have climbed higher position themselves do nothing, to do things to others. If a person do nothing, there will be also the most rewarding. If a person learned from reality oppression of others to profit, which are contrary to the truth, how many human beings do such a thing? Now the reality is that if you do not oppress others, will soon have someone to oppress you. Those who oppress you, and not just strangers, as well as your partner, even your loved ones, friends, family. Think carefully about whether so? They oppress others do not know. The total human industry, through contact with the people you oppress you. Because the human collective karma, for everyone to work, who can not unburdened total industry.

The truth is that each does not need to oppress other people, you do not need to deceive others, only everyone is doing, will make life really leap. Last night, I listened to Internet-based Christian spaced apart to teach inner speech, thought it was good, and "dialogue with God" This book has a lot in common. Of course, the "dialogue with God" in the information is not every word is the truth, however, there are at least 90?f the content, for the reality of life, improve the social, are very applicable, very correct.

Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Ra said in answer when Jesus was born in the earth, it is in the Rangers during the fourth highest density, has now entered the fifth dimension. I respect the reasons Christian groups separated by separating religion is based Christ spaced apart content is very compassionate, sympathetic who are close to the truth, and help improve the human race. A lot of people because they do not believe the truth, lost in money, rights, money and power in today's reality is contrary to the truth. Most people are sleepwalking (as "dialogue with God" and said), most people choose to go with the flow, how do people in the community, how to think, they themselves would follow suit. A lot of information on the social teaching people to do good; there are a lot of older people, relatives, friends are advising people not to good people, honest people do not do, do not do the kind of people, many, many, this force for the development of society is very unfavorable, so with tainted milk, toxic food, rising prices, real estate speculation tragedy occurs, as previously described.

If everyone believed the truth, I believe the Gospel, the overall well-being of the world will come very soon, because we are very close from the Gospel, we must choose to create happiness, to actually do, rather than what not to do to oppress, crushing others, in order to profit, so the world will push more and unfortunate situation, such a human tragedy that is happening. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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