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What is the most important thing about personal blog

Monday on March 2nd, 2020Net Web

It has been several years since I entered the personal blog circle. When I clicked on the avatar on the reader's Wall recently, many of my friends' blogs showed 404. I can't help sighing that this is always the case in the world. There have been blog closures and new blogs emerging.

I would like to make some suggestions for the friends who are going to enter the personal independent blog from the following aspects:

1. Blog program

At present, there are many blog programs on the Internet, the most popular one is WordPress and zblog. There are also PJBlog and emlog, which are generally based on PHP platform. It is recommended that novice choose WP, because his plug-ins and themes are the most.

2. Website space.

It is particularly important to choose a stable website space. Many novices choose a foreign non filing space at the beginning, but the visiting speed is very slow, which affects the readers' experience. If they are going to do it for a long time, it is suggested to choose the space provided by domestic famous IDC, such as wanwang and alicloud, western data, etc., which can ensure the stability of the space and data security. It is suggested at the beginning of the station construction Don't bother with VPS or virtual machine configuration. The price is relatively high, unless you are a technical house.

3. Blog positioning.

The positioning of personal blog directly affects the persistence. Generally, original blog, valuable content is very important, which can attract people in a short time.

At present, there are mainly the following types of Blogs:

A personal life record

Personal learning notes

C technology sharing

D free resource sharing

E information class

F net earn


In my opinion, D-G can be called a garbage station. Many people don't want these blogs on the requirements of friendship links. I personally dislike these blogs.

4. Self media

Maybe my circle is small. In addition to Lu Songsong, there are many people who follow the trend of being VIP and also publish income pictures on the blog. Everyone is not a fool. I won't talk about that so as not to be sprayed.

It's very important for novices to enter the independent blog circle, write their own content well, and communicate attentively, instead of tossing themes, space and work hard every day, you will succeed!

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