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Blog if you want to establish a theme?

Sunday on October 11th, 2020Net Web

Due to the recent poor management of the blog, delayed Bowen frequency, resulting in a Friends of the chain removed, I was very sad ah.

Sometimes, ah, I always think, ShuDuDu should be like a blog it?

I always put my own blog to record their own lives to ask, was very easy thing! But sometimes think, if a blog is no theme, there will be no common topic among the Friends of Bo, this is not a great loss to you.

So, I would like to establish what your blog topic ......

I like cultural history, humanities honest, rich history; I am keen socio-political, social reality, political puzzle. Hope this regard can bring something to give me inspiration, have been able to burn the text in record life self, you can flashback of some interesting topics. So why not do ~

Blog, perseverance!

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