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PC version of Angry Birds

Wednesday on September 30th, 2020Net Web

Initially, I only know that Angry Birds is a foreign game to run on the iPhone platform. Later we learned that Andrews and Saipan system also supports this game. But I do not have these devices, we can not play this game so popular, besides or in English, the more daunting.

However, major good news coming! Shortly after the release of the game, the largest Chinese forum 3DM released a Chinese version of the game. Ha ha ha ...... blessed it!

The story of the game is quite interesting, the pig who in retaliation for stealing eggs, birds of their own bodies as weapons, like artillery to attack the pig their fortress. The game is very cartoon 2D screen, watching the angry red bird, rushed to the fortress of green pig hit to that wonderful feeling really makes one feel very happy. The game's soundtrack is also filled with the feeling of joy, relaxed rhythm, upbeat style. But during the game when they do not have such music, a little pity. But when the birds were ejected, bird calls it touches people feel funny.

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