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Go to NameCheap Godaddy domain name and use PremiumDNS

Tuesday on June 2nd, 2020Net Web

Finally, finally ushered in the National Day holiday, but on September 29 in the evening, I suddenly received from unofficial channels to notify DNS service provider before CloudXNS: According to the Ministry of Public Security emergency notice, in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Network Security Act" All users are not the real name resolution service will be suspended in at 0:00 on September 30. The decision of the Communist Party of China is naturally good, perfect - I do not have any irony I want to re-Qing secluded mean - in order to get my multi-station can survive for days, I try to restrain myself not to talk openly about politics. This article describes how I moved from domestic CloudXNS to PremiumDNS NameCheap's.

In fact, at first I thought it was CloudFlare, as a CDN to accelerate the business is still very good. But on the other hand, because it is a CDN, it's some of the settings and configure my site some conflict. For example, it has an https feature, when a user visits your site, CDN first response to the request and sends a request to a server via http protocol, then the server will respond packed into https returned to the user. But my server is set to rewrite the http protocol https, that is, non-https ignore, but they must come CloudFlare requests to the server via http, so he GG up. As a solution Well - turn off https CloudFlare just fine.

Free CDN is good, but I am still just a simple DNS resolution service, if one day what a new CloudFlare on-line service automatically help me to open to open, I look ignorant forced to debug a couple of days on the server only to find CloudFlare is a problem, I still want to avoid this situation is. So I looked, found the DNS NameCheap's. They offer free DNS service, but I think paying more stable, but also comes with a dynamic domain name (currently in beta, you can only be used on windows platform).

Migration Custodian

I bought the domain name on Godaddy, and then discount, I was into, but not to me as Godaddy discount, prices will gradually renew high up, and I think this kind of thing is nothing less than a good domain name bad, at most, which is the custodian nothing more than to send some special services. So finally I decided to go to the NameCheap, although it does not support Alipay payment, but it can use Paypal. When using Paypal to pay the dollar, for my smartcard Industrial and Commercial Bank (debit card), it will redeem selected as determined by the issuing bank, the exchange rate will be more cost-effective number.

In fact, the whole process is not too troublesome. First unlock on Godaddy domain name, turn off the Whois information protection and get a verification code, and then be transferred to the NameCheap application and payment. NameCheap will be presented Whois information protection into the year, and renewals from the second year or about 60CNY. The whole operation takes about 80 yuan transferred automatically to help renew your domain name a year later transferred to the success of this year's price looks like and renewals price is the same.

After submitting transfer applications, NameCheap will send you an email to confirm that you want to transfer, probably like this:

Visible link which is not obvious, after opening the link is a confirmation:

Will prompt "Confirmation complete successfully" After clicking Confirm, thus completing the e-mail authentication. But I do not know why, I feel like I had a little delay, and so about two or three hours, NameCheap the Dashboard was prompted by mail certified, but in the meantime I landed Godaddy confirmed the roll-out operations.

After a login prompt Godaddy will see the roll-out operation to be processed. According to view details and confirmed after the prompt to complete all operations, then wait for confirmation NameCheap domain state just fine. In this part, because I was using a mobile phone operating in the morning in school sports, and there is no shot, but the prompts on the Godaddy are clearly written, I do what I do just fine.


The DNS first year as long as 34CNY, but renewals if need about 100CNY. As a result of my domain name plus the DNS information on whois protection plus, is 240CNY almost a year, and this year renewals and Whois domain name on Godaddy protection a price. So is this more affordable. Configuration About PremiumDNS, as long as you transfer your domain name to NameCheap on, as are her family, so you can easily switch and adjust. See below:

Finally, a picture is dynamic domain name tests. Dynamic DNS support the fastest 15 minutes to update an A record, peanut shells compared to these professional dynamic domain name once the heartbeat packets every 60 seconds, 15 minutes looks like a little slow, but I'm open for MC server's demand for this has been enough.

Well, this is today's notes a. Which erupted in DNS, domain names, VPS all go abroad, Now you can sit back and relax.

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