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Nginx reverse proxy Google API

Tuesday on June 2nd, 2020Net Web

I set up a reverse proxy, the address is, only supports https protocol, http protocol would be to rewrite the https protocol. The api will now be made public, but please be lenient, do not give the server a request explode. . .

The reason for this is because the site previously used to generate two-dimensional code in the bottom of the article Baidu network disk two-dimensional code does not work, presumably to change the protocol, I found Google's api related services, directly make use of a. But you know, no agent when it was impossible to access Google, which means that the two-dimensional code useless. So I staged a nginx reverse proxy, I am not very proficient in this, and therefore only going to get the domain name for the domain name, I did not know how to optimize this how you do that, anyway, now is able, we also you can directly take to use. But given me after all this is a small server, so if the domain name of the load is too large, then I may have to change the rules. So please .

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