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Baidu site verification failures

Tuesday on July 7th, 2020Net Web

Before Baidu Webmaster Tools, verify ownership, I generally use html file validates the basic verification of seconds.

The new record verified opened when the cool Paper, suggesting "use the file validation verification failed because: receiving the data returned by the server timed out", several tests are still not.

html file has been uploaded correctly, and tested can be a normal visit, but they return time-out. Then I asked the next degree of your mother, and finally through the degree of your mother lead the way, I came to Ali Baba. See a lot of use of the above Ali Ali cloud cloud server forum friend recently encountered many such problems.

Conclusion: we need to do is to wait for slow, I waited less than an hour, and refresh the next test, the cool Paper successfully verified site ownership, in fact, the degree of your mother also reminds us very clearly: receiving data returned by the server timed out this is not the degree of your mother's problem is the problem of Ali, the reason you know.

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