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Snail interstellar summary article

Friday on July 3rd, 2020Net Web

Because I currently have two snails Star and host of a D525, they are regarded as low-power machine, used for NAS, routing software, download machine, HTPC, etc. are very appropriate, but the machine is also more trouble, In fact, if the configuration is high, one of these machines with virtual machine can achieve all of these features, but obviously not the snail Star. So the outset abandon D525 or a snail Star, but think twice, or feel they take advantage of them, so that they carry out their duties better, I also consider the long-term power-caused power consumption.

Snail interstellar summary article

The first is the snail interstellar D models, it is what I spent the most, I changed the memory, SSD, power supplies, fans of these things, I long boot is quite reassuring, currently this only as a NAS to use, put two hard drives, install black dress and washed, primarily used to store movies, photos, music, and video surveillance. Tested the power of this machine will be about 18 watts, not electricity charges.

A section followed by snail Star, this is nothing to do, most likely in the future to sell, being used for the HTPC, do download the machine. Since no boot all day, so the power will not change. While some kits Qunhui and Docker containers can also be achieved in some offline download, but the download speed is not very satisfactory, probably with my family only 100M speed about it, so I still feel the traditional Thunder download faster, the operation is simple, so I installed Windows system. At first I was installing streamlined version of Win10, but the driver does not feel perfect support, although not affect the use, and finally installed Win7 Starter Edition, the drive can be the perfect support, coupled with 8G memory, speed is very fast. Usually occasionally use it to run Kodi, connect to a TV to play movies and music and browse local photos. In fact, I most will see a 1080p movie, although this machine video decoding capabilities in general, but also to meet the basic needs.

PS: A section finally chose to install the black dress, the family has two current NAS, but the division is different.

Star D project snail subsection (already washed) A snail Star subsection (already washed) power original Delta DPS-400AB-12C without power cable elbow three holes copper wire low voltage memory Micron DDR3L 1600 8G hard Samsung PM830 64G + 2T Western red 1T mechanical hard disk of the fan Ningmei Guo OC 3 8CM N3 12CM

D525 done by the bypass

Finally, this small host of D525, because there is only one Fast Ethernet port is, I never knew doing it until two days ago I found that it can actually use as a bypass Origin, although the configuration is very low but run soft routing system is adequate, or even surplus properties, while it also about power 20W, long-term power-consumption is not high.

Installation and set up are very simple LEDE system, as long as the port is provided by the LAN router gateway IP address into a main bypass, the DHCP turned off, do not delete the WAN port, additional equipment must take your internet gateway and DNS server address to change the IP address of the bypass.

A bypass mode, change the custom firewall rules should be:

iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE

Traffic routing sidelines like this will go, only bad thing is, in order to bypass the traffic, access equipment still need to set up a gateway and DNS, or otherwise does not work, call the shots than the direct route to the routing software is more this step.

After LEDE upload some software, some sites to look at the speed has improved significantly, and customers do not need to use the Internet on the device side, and I Fast and flexible routing fiber optic Fast Ethernet ports can still have this speed anyway 1080p seconds are open, watching 4K also improvise.

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