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2020, my first big toy - Dell R720 server

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

From July this year, began to toss slowly began to gain an understanding NAS, fishes "server" piece. NAS network storage from a single function slowly added a lot of entertainment packages, so NAS playability on the rich more. Starting from snail Star, and later broadcast storm clouds cool two, the hardware has increasing demands. Some time ago we have been concerned at the busy fish HP GEN8, this small server low version in two or three years the price is 1,600 yuan, and now in 1800 is difficult to receive the idle fish. If a station receives 2000 dollars, then pulls CPU, memory, etc. plus upgrade configuration, you have to be more than a thousand dollars, which is more than three thousand five hundred after so doing. I wanted Instead of buying GEN8, you might as well put forward a secondary server to play, anyway, about the same price. Contact the wanderer, used to configure the server to select the most cost-effective, single-number 30 at night, this morning to the goods.

Last night the server to the point of delivery, and today ten o'clock in the morning to drive to pull back. I did not expect such a big box, there is something so heavy.

After take back units, the first thing is to look at the internal structure removed the lid, this is the first time I removed the server. Above this disk enclosure is from the left, FIG, 6 followed by a small fan, which fan may pull directly down small, the installation is very aspects. Intermediate black plastic Here is the CPU, the CPU did not dare to be removed to see. The last piece is a separate graphics card to buy 4G.

This show is 1050ti 4G, and this show spent 750 dollars. In fact, the graphics may not completely, but in order to consider the future will toss video slice, no graphics, of course not, 2G speed is also slow, so the graphics card 4G.

1T hard on the three, had not prepared to stay 3T RAID directly used, but at a single time and forgot to customer service that directly do RAID5, left 1T do a backup disk!

Dell R720 has eight-bay, I just bought three hard drives, empty 5-bay, the results of the remaining five would have to be empty, no way and spent 15 dollars to buy a five drive bays. First, some of the beautiful, the second is file some dust!

This was removed to the fan, do not look at the small of his head, the sound is not small yo!

It originally planned to put this on the server unit cabinet, but no amount of size before you buy, the result does not fit the cabinet, can only be placed directly on the table.

Finally, the last configuration diagram of it! Because no DVI video cable, remove only the independence was set was used, so this is a configuration diagram of significant information. Just remembered the video interface converter come and buy!

After the first time I turned on the power turned on, take me scared urine! NM, how it sounds and sound almost the tractor, the sound is really a beginning too noisy! And so on after the camera power is stable, the sound was down.

I guess with this time will accompany this server spent! ! !

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