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Laggards blog encountered little twists and turns (to talk about the importance of DNS name resolution)

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

In the blog this afternoon the group is trying to seek a link, just when the group announced the URL Some people say my station open. Depressed ah, how could it, I started to stand now been normal way.

So they PING my station, depressing thing happened: ping is not true. But my IP PING is normal. So I enter direct IP access in a browser, it is the next visit. (My Space is an independent IP) ?? This is certain,? DNS name resolution problem.

That is how to determine whether DNS resolving problems with it?

DNS resolution.

Click Start - Run - type CMD "Enter, enter" nslookup "Enter, enter your domain name, such as (, if there DNS request timed out, timeout was 2 seconds of prompt information, Description DNS indeed a problem, if DNS resolution is working correctly, it will be fed back to the correct IP address. I entered two URLs were compared, it should be able to see it.

? I love this rice is rice network, after I called to make sure the server is attacked. Even their home is not open.

All this advice netizens, select the domain rice traders must choose large. As domestic new network, million net foreign GD and so on. Otherwise encounter problems, you will regret it like me. A few years, ready to turn out the rice. In addition to domain name transfer to go out, while we recommend using free intelligent DNS.

DNSPod was established in March 2006, is the first product to provide free intelligent DNS website dedicated to providing high quality telecommunications, China Netcom, education network intelligent two-wire or three-wire DNS to resolve various websites for free.

In addition to intelligent DNS resolution, DNSPod also provide general DNS resolution. Relative to competitors' products, DNSPod addition to the immediate effect, does not limit the number of domain names and record users add, also the first to offer IPv6 support and dynamic domain name resolution function, and also supports polling DNS, URL forwarding, API interfaces, batch change management and other advanced features. And all functions are free of charge.

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