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Buy a beggar's Kindle

Friday on February 28th, 2020Net Web

When I buy a car, I usually buy the lowest matching called the beggar version. I bought the 558 Kindle and bought a leather case by myself. I don't have a film. I don't think it's necessary. 558 is called the entry-level version. PPI and KPW are a little lower than each other. Then there is no page turning entity key and backlight (many people still can't accept it).

There are many reasons for choosing this version of the Kindle. Some say that although the PPI of 558 is lower than that of KPW, when reading, the naked eye can't distinguish the difference completely. Some say that without backlight, it's closer to the real reading situation, and you can force yourself not to read when you sleep. The only reason I chose this version is because I have no money. If I have money, I will choose the more expensive Kindle oasis.

The Kindle is to meet your basic survival needs, and those higher versions are to let you have a better experience, a more dignified feeling, and to achieve the purpose of self-worth. For me, to meet the needs of survival, that is, to read books occasionally when you can spare time.

It's still easy to get the Kindle. It's smaller than I thought. It seems that there's no legendary yin-yang screen. The workmanship is acceptable. There's a sense of plastic. Amazon's delivery speed is still good. It's the next day. After receiving the goods, I quickly copied a novel in, and the experience was good.

In addition, the Kindle doesn't even have a charging head. It's really amazing. What's more, on Amazon, the Kindle's charging head has sold more than 100. What's the confidence? After reading the instructions, I feel that the USB charging of the computer is the best. If you use the charging head, you can choose a 500mA charging head. The Kindle doesn't support ePub, so it's best to switch to Mobi or azw3 through software.

Calibre is a good software. In addition, there are many ways to turn the ePub into Mobi. After checking on the Internet, calibre can embed fonts. In addition, it seems that it's not difficult to make an e-book by itself. You only need to understand HTML and CSS. When you have time to study, you can only take time to read.

PS: I bought a Kindle reading light on Taobao. I admire the imagination of human beings and solve the problem of no backlight.

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