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lnmp downgrade php version

Monday on February 17th, 2020Net Web

Before using a php7, I feel very good.

Recently received a single, ready to put on this ecs, because it is an acquaintance, the fees charged almost equal to the cost of the server, your own blog for free to use it.

But cms system uses does not support php7, when prompted to open the install sql extended search a bit, from php7 started, remove the sql extension, you must downgrade php version.

Fortunately lnmp support php script downgraded, says the official website to help: v1.3 and later in most cases can also downgrade, so run the risk of downgrade:

Install the following materials, only two steps to get:

1, in lnmp execution directory: ./ php

2. Enter the php version: now you can download the current minimum version: 5.5.38

Then there is the other scripting run automatically, almost 20 minutes later, php successful downgrade, enter php -v, displays the correct 5.5.38.

A successful, Shududu the next three years and may be small partners happily played around.

But we must pay attention to back up data before the downgrade, while small Shududu blog posts, but every word is Shududu hard yards up, review the data more valuable.

In case demotion failed, big deal to redo the system, and then restore the data.

There is also a headache, Shududu the blog though on https, but does not support http2, found a lot of materials that they have to upgrade openssl, tossing several times have not been successful, I hope the great God to help write a specific procedure, help Shududu a wish.

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