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ShareAssistant (cracked version) ADSL Internet sharing software

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

ShareAssistant is a shared ADSL supporting software. It can in Windows systems "Internet Connection Sharing" to achieve ADSL sharing among multiple computers functional basis. Its outstanding feature is no server, no routers, no ADSL MODEM routing capabilities.

When ??? shared ADSL, any computer on the LAN can dial-up, after a computer dial-up success, other computers can be shared online via dial-up computer. Then dial the computer will work as a server. And when the computer is disconnected dial-up Internet connection, you can access the server to complete the work transferred from other computer dial-up. No more than one computer can not restrict dialing. There is no need for long-line routing restrictions.

??? In addition to the basic dial-up and sharing, ShareAssistant further includes text and voice chat LAN function, Internet function and the like in mind. It has a flexible, occupy less system resources, and so on.

??? apply to:

SME ADSL shared office;

Within the family and more computers to share the Internet;

ADSL shared between neighbors.

Student dormitory shared ADSL;

Download the full version crack download ???

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