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Use OneDrive self OneIndex network disk

Sunday on July 19th, 2020Net Web

Topic bit of a mouthful, but it means that, go to apply for a OneDrive network disk, just the normal way to apply the ordinary version of the 5G capacity, but for students Microsoft launched a free version of Office 365 Education, contains OneDrive 5T capacity, but also very critical free, but must be Microsoft certified education network mailbox before they can register online mailbox such there are a lot of people to share out (URL), but are burn after reading the temporary mailbox. After the application is successful, generate network disk OneIndex this page via PHP program.

How to apply to get on a temporary mailbox, the upper right corner-mail address, use this address to register an account, do not pay attention to close this page until the registration process so far received the verification code, this time the mission is finished mailbox , but e-mail address to remember the simplicity, the future is log in with this email address. Open Office 365 Education Edition registered address, enter the above step was to get a temporary mailbox, after registering will let you fill in the secure mailbox (Mailbox need to complete the verification) and security issues, the security of their own mailbox is best to fill a real mailbox for easy back password, security question best shots saved, so as not to forget the answer later.


Cloud disk are obtained in this way the domain administrator assigned to the sub-account, the administrator can manage your data network disk, which do not store illegal, sensitive, important, private and other documents, one day can not access or data also disappear normal. By this web site landing it, because all know.

Check capacity

Obtained in this way OneDrive interface is not showing the capacity, but can be set by [] - [website] - [storage] in the standard view.

Build a network disk OneIndex

OneIndex program that can dock OneDrive network disk, network disk will display the contents directly into the directory, files can be downloaded straight, you can play online video, pictures do Fig bed, feeling very good, is not the main server space, do not take the server traffic.

1. Requirements:

PHP space, PHP 5.6+ open curl support OneDrive account (individual, business or Education/work or school account) OneIndex download address: https: //

2. Install:

3.Nginx pseudo-static rules, that is, remove// (online reference methods both can be)?:

location/{if (-e $ request_filename!) {rewrite ///last;?}} if (-f $ request_filename!) {set $ rule_0 1 $ rule_0;} if (! -d $ request_filename) {set $ rule_0 2 $ rule_0;} if ($ rule_0 = 21) {rewrite ^//index.php?/$1 last (*.);}

4. The installation program failed:

When I re-install OneIndex of installation problems encountered failure, even client_id and client_secret all the right situation or the installation fails, note client_secret once, forget the words appear only more trouble. After the attempt failed many times, finally found a way to install successful method is to replace the new client_secret.

Open the site, will list your application, you can see oneindex applications. Have the right application [application ID/client ID], corresponding to the application ID you oneindex (ie client_id). Click oneindex application, enter the application registration page, find the application [confidential], click [] to generate a new password, it will generate a new client_secret, then reinstall the new client_secret time to fill it.

to sum up

Contents Index list OneIndex this way is very special, different from h5ai, Directory Lister, Encode Explorer server directly read such files, not longer limited to the size of the server's hard disk, how much of the file are not afraid.

OneDrive upload speed is also very fast, normal use should not be deleted number, I just spent a few days, it seems no problem. Currently I have a OneDrive of 5G network drive, keep things private point, usually still with Baidu cloud-based, 3T capacity mainly synchronize the phone photo, but you can not sync photos and videos Live, ah have an open membership a reason!

There is no free lunch, free is the most expensive, above all a play!

I have not got a play: index of/- coordinate line and line

Updated: 2018.11.25

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